December 26, 2006

So. Freaking. Cool: 2006 Holiday Version

The past 4 days have been filled to the max with so much holiday yumminess and magic and fun that it has caused me to spaz out and cease normal brain function. You may keep any typos or egregious grammatical errors you may find below.

Friday afternoon, Greg (Mr. Q) picked me up and we drove 8 hours away to San Francisco. It was a direct result of this conversation on Thursday:

Him: Wanna go Christmas shopping in San Francisco this weekend?
Me: Yes!!! (neurotic discussion about how and why we shouldn't go.) Are you sure?
Him: Pffft. Yes, I'm sure. Let's go!
Me: OK!

He picked me up from work and we drove straight to our friends' house in the Castro district. Our friends are totally sweet and cute and funny AND I discovered that Greg makes killer vodka tonics.

Saturday, we went shopping. Shopping all day in downtown San Francisco? The best thing ever. I do believe it was the first time all year that I actually felt really Christmasy. There were lights! Coldish weather! Christmas carolers!! I pillaged the Lush store and then bought something for everyone on my list at one of the millions of fancy shops at Powell & Market.

We mugged for the camera:

We drew napkin art:

We sat by a fire:

And then! The best part:
Sunday, we made a stopover at Luckybuzz & Gospel Bob's family's home for a Christmas Eve party. When we found out they would be on the West Coast for Christmas, we had to stop and see them no matter what. We didn't mean to insinuate ourselves into their Christmas Eve festivities but we couldn't turn down their genuine hospitality. We ate, we drank, we opened presents. And we had a truly enchanting evening with two of the most wicked cool and beautiful people anywhere. I can't even wait to see them again.

Begrudgingly, we had to leave late on Christmas Eve and drive home. We made it home safely. And then we slept.

And then we woke up. And wrapped gifts:

Adored the tree for a few mintes:

And then we unwrapped gifts:

All of this was followed by a divine time at the Quilty-in-laws. More presents, more food, and more love. Damn, I am a lucky lucky girl. What an adventure we had. I can't wait to do more spontaneous fun things and spend time with more outrageously cool people in the days and weeks and months to come. (New Year's Eve with the O's!!! w00t! Mr. O & Molly better rest up for Sunday!)

Anyway, none of this would have been possible without Greg, the most amazing partner I can imagine. And today is our 7th anniversary of shacking up. Even though we are married now, shacking up was the best and we still pretend that we are living in sin. It's way more fun that way. Thank you Mr. Q, you are crazy, insane, and totally nuts and I love every minute of it.

Hope your yuletide was filled with lovely times and lots of smiles.



At 16:35, Anonymous luckybuzz said...

You guys Just. Rock. :)

Happy 7 years! Whoohoo!

Can't wait to see you guys again...on our coast in the spring?? :)

At 19:46, Blogger Beth said...

Wow - looks like you had a fabulous holiday!

At 01:25, Anonymous lori said...

Can you believe I didn't get a single item from Lush for Christmas this year??!!

Seriously, what's the point of such a well publicized obsession if your family doesn't even take the bait?

Glad you guys had a nice holiday! You're adorable!!!

At 08:50, Blogger Richard said...

You got a volcano making kit? How cool is that!

At 12:34, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Luckybuzz, we are going to Boston for Spring Break if I have to rob a liquor store to finance it!

Beth, thanks! I hope yours was stellar also!

Lori, I know!!! That is why I took it upon myself to buy my own Christmas presents. BTW, Santa Monica is open again.

Richard, our son got the volcano making kit actually! But I will have a blast (pun intended) making it with him! Also, he got a gyroscope and other brainy/nerdy gifts.

At 16:16, Blogger crse said...

ohhh you are cuter than i even im incredibly jealous but merry christmas anyway! Seriously, Im glad you got to spend Christmas with LB and GB and those folks. I know you made one little boston elf very very happy...(well two im sure)

At 16:37, Blogger Ms. Q said...

crse! Don't be jealous! I'll never be as good a friend as you are!! I hope you had a merry Christmas, too.


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