September 28, 2005


I have a hypothetical question:

What do you do when you break up with your hairstylist to go see a new hairstylist but you don't tell your old hairstylist and then suddenly your new hairstylist, who you love, is now moving to the same salon that you used to go to where your old hairstylist works?

For example, let's say a 'friend of a friend' (definitely not my husband) used to get his hair cut by a guy at Salon A. The hairstylist at Salon A is a loud, obnoxious, egotistical, hot-blooded Italian who snip-snips your hairs real quick-like, while boasting of all the fancy cars that he just bought, then charges you $30 for your 5-minute session.

This friend's wife tries Salon A Guy but hates him and stops going after the 2nd cut. She finds a girl at Salon B who does magic. She goes to Salon B Girl for, oh about, 2 years. And she loves her.

One day, Salon A Egomaniac Hairdresser goes to Italy for a month-long vacation and 'our friend' needs a clean-up. He goes to Salon B Really Nice and Talented Hairdresser and is very happy with the result. He is so happy that he makes Salon B Girl his new hair person and all is good in the world.

That is, until a week later when Salon B Girl leaves a voicemail for us our friends and announces her good news! She is moving to Salon A!! All appointments that have already been scheduled will now be taken at Salon A. Our friend had made an appointment for this Saturday. Now, he has to go to Salon A to see the Excellent Hairdresser but he is afraid of Egomaniac Hairdresser. Wow. It's like a real-life Seinfeld episode!

I say to my 'friend', "look, Egomaniac Guy is a professional (and also a jerk) so you really shouldn't worry about it at all." It's business. You are the customer, you get to choose who cuts your hair. You don't have to formally break up with your stylist - people change all the time. Even within the same salon. Don't even worry about it!! But, he's worried about it. And to be honest, I would be a little scared too. You really don't want to piss off a big, Italian guy with scissors in his hand, do you?



At 15:40, Anonymous Miss Ann Thrope said...

My stylist of 7 years (18-25) always made me feel like a glamour girl when he got done with me. I loved him deeply and madly even though he was I couldn't love him in, you know, that way.

I went for an appointment and some chick tells me to sit down and shit. WTF?

My wonderful stylist had run off to Florida with his lover.

My hair has never been the same ~sigh~

Oh and tell your husband, er I mean fugeddaboutit. He is under no obligation to see ego's not like he has a 5 year, $300 cancellation fee contract, ya know?

At 16:02, Blogger Richard said...

Oooh! You sound like my wife.

You are over analyzing and worrying about nothing.

The hairdresser you hate probably doesn't remember you - or, if he does - so what?

Believe it or not, you are not obligated to go to the same hair stylist your husband does.

Reminds me of my company Christmas party - every year my wife needs a new dress because everybody will remember her dress from last year - never mind she only sees them once a year at the Christmas party. I don't remember her dress from last year, I don't remember anybody's dresses.

Of course, the worst is when somebody is wearing the same outfit - well, then the party is ruined.

To get back on track ... stop over analyzing and just go with the hairdresser you like.

At 01:23, Blogger mad said...

hi...I am a hairdresser. I like to think I'm a good one, but there have been times when I too have lost a client to someone else. If this someone else works with me, I take it as a learning experience. I find out where I went wrong and make sure not to make the same mistakes on other clients....
Continue to see the great hairdresser and just hope the bad hairdresser learns his lesson.....good hairdressers are hard to find so stay with them no matter what :)

At 09:11, Blogger Dafina Girl said...

Your friend should smile beatifically, wave and go sit down and enjoy his (or her? I lost track) new haircut. It's uncomfortable but once s/he's done it once it won't be as bad. We pay them, not the other way around.

At 09:34, Blogger jo-fo said...

Big Italian guy with scissors? I'm envisioning the horse-head scene from the Godfather. Or we could be in for some Sweeney Todd. At least his hair will look good before he is ground up for meat pies by scary-Italian-stylist guy.

At 19:58, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

Breaking up with a stylist is hard to do. I've been the client and the stylist in this type of situation.

I'm the type who wants to know that she's being broken up with. Just so I don't feel stupid.

I get that sometimes your style and another stylist's style just mesh better. Or that you think I'm a heinous, talentless wench. Whatever.

Do it like a bandaid. Quick and painless. Then you can visit your new stylist guilt-free.


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