September 28, 2005

How to make my day

Now, that's what I call "Breaking News"! - Texas grand jury indicts Tom DeLay - Sep 28, 2005

It may be only a small first step, but it's a start.

Here's the follow-up: Delay will step aside as Majority Leader. Temporarily. Let's hope it is more than temporary. It looks like David Drier, R-California, will be grabbing some of the power taking on some of DeLay's duties. (On a side note: Dreier, I've read, has voted to ban same-sex marriage although he is believed to be gay himself. See related stories from 2004 here: Raw Story, LA Weekly)

Now, how about some other indictments? You know what I'm talking about!



At 12:55, Anonymous mikey said...

don't get too excited. remember what happened when Michael Brown "retired" from FEMA...

somehow, DeLay will get off scot-free, and then he'll head the commission to investigate ethics violations.

At 12:58, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Yeah, that occurred to me, too. I figured I would take any little joy that came my way and keep my fingers crossed that justice may actually be served. I know it's wishful thinking.

And, I am sure he will be the one to head the commission to investigate ethics!! That's the way it's going these days. We are living in bizarro world, aren't we?

At 13:38, Blogger Bonanza Jellybean said...

You're right- it is a start.

At 14:09, Blogger jo-fo said...

Let's think of a couple others...

Oh, Frist and Rove come to mind immediately. How about the entire freakin' Bush Administration?

It would be nice to watch this snowball and see how the "liberal" media tries to whitewash a turd.


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