September 26, 2005

Intrinsically real nothingness

Welcome to the new digs! If you came here from my old blog, thank you! If you haven't stopped by yet, take a look around. Not much has changed except the name and the look. Everything else is virtually the same. I really, really love linkage if you want to hook me up. I am happy with my extremeblogmakeover. Next task - my own domain name and maybe a different *cough platform cough cough*. I mean I love Blogger and all but I am quickly outgrowing it.

I had a full and busy weekend which included the purchase of some adorable, new Mary Janes (sorry, no picture yet. Seriously camera-deprived.) Yay, for cute shoes!

The highlight though (highlight is definitely an understatement) was going to see Dead Can Dance at the Hollywood Bowl. I've tried to compose a post that would capture the essence of this show, but words are utterly deficient. It was phenomenal. Make that Phenomenal (with a capital P). No other musical experience has come close to the magic that was this show. Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry are... are... talented beyond words and possessed of an other-worldly sound. They rocked mightily. But that fails to really sum it up. All I can say is that it is really hard to be back in the real world. It was an emotional, spiritual journey and we must have cried more times than ever before at a 'concert'. You know how the right chord can give you chills and fill you with emotion so overwhelming that you cry from the beauty? It was like that. For 2 hours.

Lisa Gerrard, you are a goddess. Brendan Perry, you are magnificent. Everyone who was creating music with them, you have my eternal adoration and thanks for making such beautiful sounds.

But what did y'all do this weekend? Enquiring minds want to know!

post script: Intrinsically real nothingness was a phrase that appeared momentarily on the video screen during the show last night and it immediately reminded me of the buddhist principle that I have been striving for my whole life. Cute shoes notwithstanding. ;)



At 14:40, Blogger jo-fo said...

Oh come now, I'm sure the early Buddhists must have written something about cute shoes in their ancient manuscripts somewhere. It is your mission now to find it.

At 14:50, Blogger Ms. Q said...

That sounds like a good cause and a good reason to learn Sanskrit - so I can finally use my mad linguistical skillz to uncover the ancient text that says: true enlightenment can be achieved much more easily while wearing stylish shoes!

At 21:36, Blogger Dafina Girl said...


At 04:59, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Intrinsically real nothingness...that's perfect.

At 07:24, Blogger Michele said...

I just switched to wordpress after handcoding my blog in html for years.I LOVE it.

This weekend I did....(ready for this?) NOTHING! I didn't even leave the house once. But I ate 2 entire bags of hot cheetos all by myself and that was quite exciting.

At 10:40, Anonymous mooalex said...

Ack!! I can't believe I missed the big move! I've been so self-involved for the past couple of days, I've neglected my regular blogs! I like the change!
Whirled Peas... try it necessarily!!!


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