October 21, 2005

So much time, so little to do

It's Friday *doing the happy dance* but I have almost nothing to say. I mean, I have lots to say, but I have almost nothing interesting to say. I know, can you believe it?

So, what's new? I have taken my very brilliant and sweet husband's advice and I have stopped wearing makeup. I didn't wear that much anyway, but enough to suffocate my pores. I thought I needed it to look normal, but apparently I am naturally beautiful ok to look at. My face is soooo happy! It feels good to be naked all day. My face is naked, not me! sheesh. I put a little moisturizer and a little mascara on and I'm done. It's been a weird adjustment. At first, I felt a little strange but now that I am used to it, I love it. I would take a picture, but (embarassing confession) I don't currently possess a digital camera that works worth a damn. (Hint, hint - 25 days until my birthday, honey!). My daughter has one, which I used all the time before she callously left me moved up north. Now, instead of uploading a photo with a click of a button, I have film out the wazoo that needs to be developed. Gah. I hate getting film developed. I am not at all good at dropping things off, waiting, and then picking things back up. I still have a coat at the cleaners that I haven't picked up since August.

In other news, I have gone and signed myself up for NaNoWriMo. That's National Novel Writing Month. It takes place from November 1 to 30 and the goal is to write a work of fiction of at least 50,000 words in length.

I'm gonna write a novel, yo! My middle name is Masochist, don't you know. I currently have three college classes, I work about 48 hours per week, I am not exactly a spring chicken, and I really need to get started on knitting holiday gifts for my loved ones. But, why let a little thing like exhaustion get in my way of fulfilling a lifelong dream of writing and publishing a stellar work of fiction? It's only 50,000 words I need to write. I can do that in a sitting or two if my posts here are any indication!! I tend to be a little wordy sometimes, don't I? Whatev. Jofo (who, coincidentally is playing a gig tonight and I will be there) is doing it and he's got a couple of careers going on simultaneously, so if he can attempt it, I can attempt it too! You can't succeed if you never try, right?

I've got a title, a sketched cast of characters and maybe a plot or two. Anybody wanna join our party? Go sign up, get your NaNoWriMo logo (mine will be up sometime) and starting Nov. 1, write your little heart out! Masochists of the world unite!

Y'all have a good weekend,y'hear? I'll be back. Yes, that is a promise, not a threat!



At 10:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:00, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Wow! Thank you so much for that VALUABLE comment. I am sorry that I had to delete it from my comments (and my readers will have no idea what an excellent product you were trying to sell). I would never have known about your incredible product if you hadn't been so generous as to leave your advertisment in my comments section!! And the fact that you went to all the trouble of typing in the word verification makes me realize that this isn't regular spam. You really care!! I am so touched.

At 14:39, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

First of all, congrats on signing up for the novel-writing thing. You are very brave (but you do possess the necessary writing skills, so maybe not so scary for you).

I tried going the au naturale makeup route a few years ago. I could just never get used to it (although I don't wear much, I do the "less is more" thing). But a few months ago I tried the id Bare Minerals and I just love 'em! (It feels like you're not wearing any.) I was really skeptical because of their infomercial, but once I tried it at the store, I was hooked. For me, it's much quicker to put on than regular makeup, which is another plus. Oh, and NO, I don't work for the BareEscentuals company, I just like their product. :D

Happy Weekend, Q!

At 07:05, Blogger LJ said...

Can't wait to read your novel!

At 07:21, Blogger Ty said...

Oh glad you mentioned NaNoWriMo...I was interested last year, but didn't know about it in time...I really should do it. But NOVEMBER??? There is so much going on in November. Why don't they do these things in like February when I don't want to go out or do anything because I am still broke from Christmas and I will be single for the only major holiday that month (as I always seem to be...)?! Then I have time...


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