October 30, 2005

Too hot for the library

I am at a public library right now, working on research for a school project. As I work on a blog that I created for the project, I thought, hmmm, I'll just jump over to my other blog real quick. This one here. And this is what I found:

The City's Internet filtering software has blocked you from accessing this site. Filtering has been set in place for sites that have been deemed of an adult nature or of a gambling nature by the filtering software manufacturer. All users accessing the City's Network are subject to policies and regulations that govern technology resource use. Please contact the webmaster@cityofblanketyblank.com if you have any questions. Thank you. ***

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So, I ask, am I too hot for the library? What about me is so hot? Besides my ass. Maybe it's because I say ass a lot. Ass ass ass. Assity ass ass.

Well. At least our children are safe from the potentially objectionable material here. Thank gawd! I am so relieved to know that our tax dollars are hard at work, filtering all the garbage (like me) on the internet. Woot. Free speech rocks!!

The thing about library computers? Most of the people here (at this moment) wouldn't know how to find my blog if it bit them in the... wait for it... ass! I mean, they are about to give themselves a thrombo just looking for the Google homepage!

I love the public library. Don't get me wrong. And this one is nice. But filtering on the internet is tricky business and I'm just not sure they should be doing it. Who gets to decide what should and shouldn't be censored. Gah! I feel so oppressed!

[***Edited to note: When I went back to view a published post, I was able to access my blog but Flickr was blocked. So now I know, it's just my picture that is too hot for the library, not my words. I feel sooooo much better now! Sort of.]



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