October 12, 2005

Won't you take me to klutzytown?

It's a good thing I don't bruise easily or people might think my husband beats me. I would make a joke about how he really does, but that is really insensitive and I don't find any humor in domestic violence. Anyway, he never so much as says a cross word to me, so I am very lucky indeed.

Anyway. Give a hearty welcome to the newly crowned monarch of klutzytown. (That's me, in case you weren't sure). Sure, I'm a little klutzier than average. Like everything, I tend to excel in things that I don't really want to excel in. Such as paying my bills late. But, I've been even more clumsy lately. Perhaps I am distracted or doing too many things to pay attention to something as fundamental as walking. I don't know but yesterday, in a stunning display of uncoordination, while attempting to get into my car at the Burger King, I fell off of a curb, twisted my ankle and firmly planted my left cheek into the very sharp corner of my car door. I had an audience (everyone in the drive thru lane) but I think they were too busy gasping to laugh that much.

Underneath one of my very prominent cheekbones, I have a nasty feeling bruise. It is hardly noticeable, if at all, but it feels like I met the very sharp corner of my car door. Which I did. And my ankle is slightly sore. Note to self, high heels are off limits for a while!

Is it just me, or does estrogen really interfere with coordination? I've always been like this, but it is more pronounced when I am feeling hormonal. Are girls generally more uncoordinated than guys? I'm curious. Can we take a poll? Do you consider yourself more or less coordinated than other people and has that changed over time? Maybe I'm just getting old. Ugh. Let's hope that's not true! (Better living through denial!) hehehe.



At 17:34, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

I think I can safely and honestly admit I know nothing about estrogen and klutzyness.

At 19:40, Blogger Cosmo GRRL! said...

I'm definitely more klutzy than my husband - currently I'm sporting a bruise from an unknown origin. I hope your ankle and cheek feel better soon!

At 19:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh God Q - if you haven't bruised
that bad YET and can feel it deeper, then you are REALLY in for a doozy of a brouizy.
Thanks for calling me back by the way, I'm going to call you tonight. Neurotic girl stuff.
girl from the great white north (or whatever other alias you care to give me).

At 11:23, Blogger Bonanza Jellybean said...

I think it actually has more to do with the fact that we have 20 million things on our minds like who needs clothes and the light bill and being out of milk and have it all at such a frenzy we don't have the brain capacity to watch where we're going.

I say this at home to make them feel guilty, but it doesn't seem to work. :)


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