November 10, 2005

I'd like to buy a vowel

More minutiae from my life. Why on earth do you keep coming back? This is excruciating!

I have midterms tonight, people. Two of them. But here I am at work, trying to get some work done (you know, the kind they pay me to do). However, I am seriously deficient in understanding my vowels for the Linguistics test as attested by my lovely husband who drilled me with flashcards last night. When we got to the vowels, I was just completely clueless, he threw the cards at me (lovingly, of course) and said "you really need to study these!" Ya think? So, I replaced my really cute and snarky wallpaper on my pc (this one)--->

with this one--->

in the hope of learning this through osmosis because my previously photographic memory expired sometime in my mid-30s and now I'm out of film. If any body has any tips on how to memorize this, please share!



At 12:04, Blogger Craig said...

Well, at least you know he's willing to be honest with you.

Good luck with the memorization.

At 18:34, Blogger Barbara said...

I keep coming back because I love ya chickie!

At 04:25, Blogger Richard said...

I think making it your background is probably a good idea. Hopefully, you did not clutter it by covering it with work or something ;)

The only linguistics course I took was somewhere between 11 and 13 years ago, so I can't really be much help.

Good luck on your test.

At 09:49, Anonymous Miss Ann Thrope said...

My head hurts now.


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