November 23, 2005

Leg or Breast?

Hey Party People! Happy Thanksgiving!
In honor of this great American tradition, I figure this might be a good time to announce my new minor. For the none of you who are interested.

*cue trumpets*

I have now embarked on a new course of minor study... American Studies.

It turns out that I absolutely love the American Studies class that I am taking this semester. It was a GE class, but thanks to my brilliant and charming Yale-educated professor, I have found a subject that I have a lot of interest in. And, as an added bonus, I'm good at it. My prof, Professor E, has given me tremendous support and encouragement. Actually, she suggested that I pursue it. She has such an enthusiasm for the subject, I don't know how anyone could not love this class. I am just sorry I didn't know about it sooner!

So, they just started offering American Studies as a minor at my school and I'm doing it. I'm still majoring in Linguistics, but my linguistics department is pretty lame and I haven't connected with anyone in it, so I'm feeling lost and discouraged about that. Who knows, maybe I'll switch and be an AMST major with a Ling minor! I'm kind of a flake like that.

If any one has any advice and/or experience in this subject, please drop me a comment or an email! (This is the point in the post where I say booger, booger, blah blah booger, because I know no one is reading anymore!)

Be thankful that I didn't tell the story of how my husband loves me so much that he bought me girly things at the supermarket last night (you know, 'cause my Aunt Flo came to visit me for the holiday). Not only did he do it, but he did it right and he knows what exact items I like. He said it was an honor to be so personally acquainted with my vagina! Is he the best or what?

This concludes today's edition of stuff you didn't need to know and certainly don't care about!



At 13:34, Blogger Richard said...

Sometimes it is less the subject matter and more the teacher.

I remember taking English literature classes that I loved and others that I hated. The difference? The teachers.

Have you considered that maybe you have just fallen in with a very compatible professor?

At 13:59, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Yes, I considered that. I may take more classes and not feel so excited about it. But it is a subject that I've always found interesting. Unlike American History, which is more about the wars, treaties, presidents, etc., American Studies is about the culture - what ordinary Americans were doing throughout history that shaped American history and politics, etc. I am really interested in the development of cities and towns, civil rights and labour movements, and gender issues. I am going to take a pop culture class in the spring. The coolest part is that my professor recruited me to the department and I have a mentor in the subject now. It's cool.

At 21:51, Anonymous mooalex said...

Blah blah booger to you, too!! And Happy Thanksgiving, Q!

At 15:40, Blogger Oliver said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Ms! With all your family, and thinking of those who couldn't be there.

At 17:57, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

First, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Second, I read that whole thing all the way through. So there! You know, I noticed in college that I actually got along with a professor so well, it pretty much decided my major. It was far Eastern history and there was only one professor on campus. I had him something like 14 times.

At 06:41, Blogger Ty said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late)!

I had a similar experience to Rude Cactus. I found a degree I liked but the professor who became my mentor absolutely made it for me. She even convinced me to stay for my Master's! I had her for 6 classes in three and a half years! lol...

Enthusiasm is contagious...


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