November 21, 2005

My Life as Consumer

My birthday plus retail therapy = a few goodies for me. Three items off the wishlist, 198,000 to go!

I am currently enjoying

Eels: Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. I got this on my actual birthday and have been obsessively listening to it. It will take a place in my top 10 albums of all time, I am sure. It is freaking brilliant. Beautiful. Moody. Amazing.

My hubs surprised me with this yesterday when we were shopping for a new camera. As I was being totally accosted by the Kodak salesman at Best Buy who was giving me a guilt trip for trying to look at anything else, I looked for an escape in the form of my super hot husband who usually initimidates people, especially scrawny, whiny salesmen who think I have sucker written all over my forehead. Anyway. I turned around to leave and *poof* my husband, my protector from overzealous salesmen, was gone.

Deflated, I just stood there looking around (because you know when you start looking for each other you just prolong the whole ordeal by missing each other). Finally he found me again and we walked outside to the car. I got in the driver's seat and as I put my key in the ignition (which is next to my right side, by the gear shifter), there was the box set of Lost lying on top of the ignition. It just appeared out of nowhere. Crazy man! He somehow carried it out of the store and placed it right next to me without me seeing it. I was tickled. And perplexed. I guess you'd have to be there. Anyway, I had not seen any of the first season episodes (but I am hooked on Season 2). We have now caught up to epidsode 5. Fun!

And for the beauty segment of this completely pointless and ridiculous post, I got myself this:
which is the best. makeup. ever. My imperfect offering recommended it to me and I am so glad I listened because? It is awesome. What they say on the informercials is true. Get thee to a beauty supply store, Sephora or your local Bare Escentuals makeup supplier. You'll be happy you did. You'll look pretty, like me!



At 14:05, Blogger jenhen said...

I had used some of my Moms Bare Escentuals the other day. That stuff is AMAZING. Whoo!! They were selling it on QVC, so she ordered some for me.


At 16:54, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I'm dying to get Bare Escentuals! My skin is so freakishly sensitive and there's nothing like mineral makeup for that. Plus? Built in sunblock. How awesome is that? I'm such a geek.

Also? Love Eels and Lost. Totally worth the cost and then some. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!

At 06:33, Blogger Michele said...

Happy birthday! I have to say that out of all the eels cds I own (and that would be ALL of them, including E's solo stuff) blinking lights is my least favorite, but I still haven't managed to put my finger on exactly what I don't like about it. There's my useless music review for you. Heh.
At any rate, hope you had a great birthday!

At 08:12, Anonymous Jennifer said...

I *LOVE* Bare Escentuals- and I swear, I must have every eyeshadow they have ever made. The blushes are usually too dark for me, but work great as a lipstick- just dip your lip balm/chapstick into the mineral, and tah-dah! Happy belated birthday!

At 12:41, Blogger Oliver said...

GREAT items - especially Blinking Lights, *love* that album.


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