November 22, 2005

Nada. Brought to you by Bud Light (TM)

I've got nothing.

Well, almost nothing. I've been busy. Period. I spent all morning learning how to save lives. (CPR/AED recertification). What's your excuse?

Today's mini rant is about CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. I like Anderson fairly well. I think he's kind of hot and sort of sassy for a news guy. I am not a fan of the show's format, however. At all. I am quickly losing have lost interest (plus, I really liked Aaron Brown in the 10 pm news slot). Whatever.

Here's my problem... am I the only one who is bothered by the sponsorship? It is sponsored by Bud Light. Have you noticed? It's not just that they show commercials during the broadcast, it's that they have a special logo/voice over thingy that says (in voice over man's voice) "Anderson Cooper 360. Brought to you by Bud Light..."

I have no problmen with Bud Light commercials, per se, but it does seem more appropriate for a football game (etc). To me. What are they trying to do? Get us to drink so that we can cope with the news better? I realize the news is bad, because really, who wants to see a show about adorable little kittens and puppies and good people who have fabulously good luck all the time? But, wouldn't a better strategy for coping with bad news be to not watch the news? Drinking is for dealing with important things like how much you hate your job/family/life. It's for bonding during sports games. Not for news watching. Is it?

Maybe there is a news watching drinking game that I haven't heard about yet. Everytime Anderson pronounces "important" as "impordant", we are supposed to take a drink. (I'm a sucker for his 'accent' though and lately I've noticed that I'm doing the same thing.)

Or are they saying that watching Anderson is like a spectator sport, because while he is exhausting sometimes, he's not THAT exciting. I'm just saying.

It bugs me. That's all.



At 08:00, Blogger Richard said...

I was listening to an interview of Ted Koeppel last night on 'As it Happens' (CBC radio) and he said that people have the wrong idea about television. It is not about bringing you news and information and entertainment, it is about bringing you advertising.

The content is really just the hook to get you to watch commericals. Maybe he is just cynical.


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