November 28, 2005

O Christmas Meme, O Christmas Meme

Here is my brain.

Here is my brain on Monday.

I certainly hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. If it wasn't a holiday where you live, I hope you had a good weekend nonetheless!

Mine was splendid and sublime! Thanks for asking! I got to vegetate and watch mucho Lost and snuggle and eat and drink and yada, yada, yada ;-) ... and now I'm back to real life and I'm not quite knowing how to readjust.

Since I have nothing to talk about, I've decided to do a meme. It's a Christmas meme that I blatantly ripped of from Moo Alex. Open it up if you want to play.

1. What you want for Christmas... if your friends were millionaires. Only one item, but the sky's the limit.

2. What you want for Christmas... for real. One tangible, real item that a normal human could buy in stores.

3. What you want for Christmas... in abstract. True love, world peace, whatever. With explanation.

My answers are:

1. A year (or five or ten) in Paris, living in a left bank flat, sipping coffee, eating croissants and smoking cigarettes with my love, writing my novel. And shagging.

2. I really want a digital camera. Preferably an ultra-compact that takes really good pictures. But I wouldn't turn down a Nikon D-70!

3. Obviously, I want world peace, an end to hunger, poverty, injustice and your garden-variety assholery. Duh.

C'est tout! What about you?



At 11:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing personal, but if your brain is really that colour, you should see the neurologist.

I'm just saying.

At 11:54, Anonymous Miss Ann Thrope said...

that was me...thie form wasn't there...your colourful brain must have seen me coming

At 22:39, Anonymous Katie said...

Good meme! I stole it (with credit) because I liked it so much! Thanks!


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