November 1, 2005

Spooky Story

I almost forgot. Last night was Halloween, yes? Mr. Q and I were planning to go to his parents house and pass out candy and watch a scary movie with them.

I arrived home at 6:15 p.m. We had a quick smoke and I changed into jeans and a sweater. (The house looked BEEYOOTIFUL because Mr. Q took the day off and cleaned a little. ) Anyway, we hopped in the car, drove to the market, picked up something quick to eat and headed over to his parents house.

... Long story short. We watched Psycho which is still one of the scariest movies of all time. We left and went home. The whole evening was nice but felt very strange. Like a little too easy. I felt really detached from everything and yet I was very much engaged and talkative the whole night (not at all like me!). The whole night had a timelessness about it where I couldn't tell if hours or seconds had gone by. I felt really light, but stepping on the scale indicated otherwise. I ate popcorn (which I never do).

We arrived home shortly before 10:00, I think. We put on our comfy tv-watching clothes and I sat down on the couch and started knitting. Mr. Q sat next to me and we flipped around the dial a little.

Him: "Oh, look our clock stopped."

Me: "When did it stop?"

Him: "Six-fifteen."

Me: "Oh, I didn't notice that."

Him: "That's really strange. You got home at 6:15."

Me: "Mmm-hmmm."

Him: "I wonder what it means."

Me: "It probably means that I never made it home and I am just imagining that I am sitting here on the couch with you knitting and watching t.v."

Him: "That's freaky."

And you know what? It felt really, really freaky. Like I HAD imagined the whole night. do-do-do-doo, do-do-do-doo...



At 16:39, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Yeah, I'm a little creeped out here.

At 22:09, Blogger Barbara said...

Oh my god! I have had experiences likr that but never told anyone lest anyone think me weird.
So maybe it was all a dream within a dream! Maybe the earth stopped. I don;t know, Like I said it has happened to me and I could never explain it.

At 11:07, Blogger jo-fo said...

Oh, pretty please, you must put an homage to that in your novel. That is TOO freaky!

At 14:11, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Doh! That's exactly what I was going to say!


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