November 30, 2005

Would you like a Car Wash with that?

My car needs to be washed. My husband washed it for me a week or two ago, but mostly I've been really negligent about car washing lately, what with work and school and life. Anyway, want to know how my car tells me that it's time for a wash? It breaks down.

A pipe for the turbo thingamajiggy cracked last night around 10:30 p.m. as I left school, thus spewing coolant all over the ground thereby causing my car to potentially overheat and permanently damage something really important like a cylinder or something.

Thankfully, my car has a warranty and roadside assistance.

My car is now patiently sitting at the shop, waiting for the part that will make everything right again.

Here's the best bit. What do I always get with my car service? Besides a smile and sometimes a guilt trip for not get the megathousanddollar maintenance that's slightly overdue? You guessed it! A free car wash!

This time tomorrow, if all goes well, I will pick up my car (which I cheesily named Sexy Saabie, by the way) and it will run. And it will sparkle. And the latte I spilled last week on the burled walnut console will be cleaned. And I won't even have to ask for it. It will just be done.



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