December 13, 2005

2005 Year in Re-Q

For your reading pleasure, I present to you my year in review. As if you really needed to know care about any of this.

Number of times I gradutated from community college: 1, with honors
Number of times I made the National Deans List: 1
Number of classes I took this semester: 3
Number of school loans I have taken out: 1, so far
Number of hours spent commuting to the University this semester: 82.5
Number of swear words uttered while sitting in traffic: approx. 4,316

Number of my kids who moved to another state: 1
Number of my kids who joined the Army and moved to Germany: 1
Price of the phone calls to them since they moved: $500, give or take

Number of times my car has been in the shop: 4
Number of times I nearly died on the freeway because of idiotic or insane drivers, driving enormous SUVs while talking on their cell phones: 735
Number of times I nearly died on the freeway because I was putting on makeup: 1
Number of times I saw someone light up a bowl of the ganga driving in my town: 1

Number of times I nearly died because the blow dryer exploded and caught on fire, IN MY HAND: 1
Number of times I nearly died when I got my teenage daughter's cell phone bill: at least 6 (before she moved. Now she can give her Dad heart attacks.)

Amount of money I've spent at Starbucks: about $950
Amount of that money spent on Pumpkin Spice Lattes: $200

Number of new CDs I bought this year: 4
Number of new CDs acquired this year: about 20

Number of times I tried to quit smoking: 2
Number of times I was successful: 0
Amount that I care right now: 0

I think that's a good review for today. Based on the number of times I have almost died this year, it looks like I should be glad to be alive. Also, based on how much I've spent at Starbucks, I should really try to curtail that habit. Damn Starbucks and their crack-laced lattes! *shakes fist*



At 07:14, Anonymous mooalex said...

Oh, I am SO stealing this post idea... (so what else is new?)

At 09:05, Blogger Bonanza Jellybean said...

I like the smoking one- that's me too!! Except that I didn't try to quit this year... that was last year. Oh well...


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