December 29, 2005

How you doin?

It's my last work day of 2005. This calls for a celebration. Luckily they allow us to drink at work, so what do you think I'm going to do this afternoon? Happy hour, yeeeaaah, baybee.

Actually, I think I'll drink but then I won't. I always chicken out because I have to drive home and all and it's scary enough on Orange County freeways when I'm not impaired!

Tomorrow, I will clean and take down the Christmas tree and go shopping for a wedding gift. Did I tell you that I have to go to a wedding on New Year's Eve? Is it just me, or does it seem really presumptuous that people would want spend their New Year's Eve watching you get married? I have my own traditions that night, so this really interferes. Granted, my tradition usually involves watching "When Harry Met Sally" and falling asleep halfway through and snoring into the new year, but still.

Abrupt topic change!

For the record, even though I have a blogroll over there of most of the blogs I read on a daily basis, I am going to list the ones I can't live without here, so that you all feel the love. I get something from each and everyone of you. You are the reasons I continue to blog and, in some cases, the inspiration for me starting a blog in the first place.

a.d.d. (another dissertation distraction)– Lori is smart and funny and in love with her Finn. A Lush addict. I am a Lush virgin, so I can only admire her collection with a glimmer of understanding.
the blog of a quirky feminist – Kate is uber-cute.
Bonanza Jellybean– Bonanza is a real bitch. But in a good way. And she almost always makes me laugh. Really hard. Likes to say the F-word.
Cheeky Prof– Cheeky has awesome skins and the best taglines ever. Often finds good quizzes and memes. Also, dotes on her adorable puppies and ferrets. – Michelle is the owner of the best sock collection west of the Mississippi. I wish I had a mom this cool.
CosmoGRRL! – A blogger with a baby and a running problem.
Everyday Stranger – Helen is the queen of self-disclosure. Likes to shag her boyfriend. I wish I had her courage and her writing ability.
Forever Feisty – One of the wittiest women I know.
Fount of Useless Information, The – a man who loves trivia even more than me.
fricative – Natalie is a graduate student of linguistics – *swoon*
hey, freak! – Mikey needs no introduction, I’m sure. He’s teh cool. And we still need to meet. We only live about 30 miles apart. Hellooooo!
Host of Seraphim – my partner, Mr. Q’s new blog. I am eagerly awaiting more posts, but I don’t really give him much time to write. I think you all know how I feel about him. If you don’t, well you haven’t been reading this blog very long, have you?
I am Oliver – My blog’s English boyfriend. A man with such excellent taste in music it boggles my mind.
In a Nutshell – Aubrie is, in a nutshell, hardy har har, one of the nicest people I know. She’s an OT who just graduated. The worst thing I can say about Aubrie is she lives in Texas. Shut up. Some of the coolest people I know are from Texas. Including me.
Jim In Tonic – Needs to update more. A smart, talented artist/architect who is married to Cheeky. His skin makes me thirsty.
JoFo the MoFo – The only blogger on my list that I’ve actually met. Truly talented. Truly nice. Truly too busy to email me anymore. =P
Joy Unexpected – Y? Y not? She’s hilarious and beautiful. We will have a lunch date in 2006 sometime. Yay!
Licketysplit – An expat living in France. Sammy is married to some fine French guy. Oohhlala. I am totally envious of her ability to travel the world!
Miss Ann Thrope – the one and only. She’s actually a lot nicer than you’d think, but don’t tell her I said so! Makes a mean afghan. By the way, who do I have to sleep with to get one of those?!
Moo Alex – LJ is, how can I put this?, funny as hell! And also really, really thoughtful and nice. I am honored to call her my friend.
My Imperfect Offering – MIO and I have so much in common it’s kind of scary.
My So Called Strife – Hilarious. Another Texan. Why didn’t I know people like this when I lived there? He loves retro nostalgia pop culture stuff.
No Taming This Shrew – Megarita, my darling. I am not smart enough to comment there, but she really entertains me.
On the Road to Satori – my real-life, actual sister. You should say hi. She is way talented and too clever for her own good. She also needs to post more.
One Bright Star (1B*) Reignited – A new friend. Love her.
Pesky'Apostrophe – Mac inspired me to knit and to blog long ago. She updates alot so there’s always something to read. Plus? She’s freaking smart, too.
Polyester Bride – just go. She makes me laugh.
polyopia – My parallel universe alter-ego. Her “about me” alone is one of the most awesome, hilarious blurbs in the history of blogging.
Rude Cactus – I worship at the altar of the Rude Cactus. If you read him and don’t love him, well, I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with you.
Running in Heels – Danielle, Vegan, Teacher, Depeche Mode lover.
Seeking Serenity – I love my Canadian friends. I think I was Canadian in a former life.
Snappy Hour – Joelle. Mikey’s better half. Website designer extraordinaire. I totally wanna meet her.
Snidget – The blogger I would become lesbian for. She needs to visit southern California, so we can go shopping and have drinks.
So the fish said - Same as Rude Cactus and for good reason – she’s married to him. If you read her and don’t love her, then I don’t know what your malfunction is!
Something Requisitely Witty and Urbane – Dylan Biles was one of my first blog friends. Remember his name. He is going to be a famous journalist one day. Mark my words.
Space Kitten – gosh darn. I don’t read her as much as I used to. I need to catch up.
Stale Betty – Will be living near me in February. Another blogger I want to meet.
Strange Things – The original Erratic Prophet. She totally stole my tagline before I thought of it – So smart, it’s practically retarded. That’s me.
Tiki Girl – new find. Don’t know enough to say, but she seems nice and her blog looks promising. Plus she also found out she’s preggers. Everybody in the whole damn web is having a baby but me, it seems.
Tongue Tyed – Ty is another Texan. Seriously, why didn’t I know these people when I lived there?
Words for my Enjoyment – professional writer who makes me feel inferior almost every day. But I am a masochist so I keep going back.

If I left you off this list, I am sorry. I will rectify it as soon as you tell me what a dumbass I am. If there is a blog you think I should read, leave it in the comments.

My only requirements for a blog to get on my daily reads list, is:

Be smart. Be funny. Be real. Two out of three are okay, too! Hell, just be real, and don't be mean or hateful. That's about it. Nice people rule!

In the meantime, have a happy, safe, rockin, New Year’s Eve and may 2006 be your best year yet!



At 15:44, Blogger Paul said...

I'm honored. And drunk.

Is being honored still being honored if I'm drunk?

I don't know, but I still love you.

At 17:37, Anonymous Y said...

Damn straight we will have a lunch date, woman! ;-)

I am so looking forward to it. So, um, WHEN?

Thanks for the compliments, seriously.

At 18:54, Anonymous Miss Ann Thrope said...

hey, I'm easy. you can sleep with whoever you want just send me the video.

What colour?

The more that's on the video, the longer it will get......

um, wait.

At 19:35, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Paul, I bet you say that to all the bloggers! I'm honored that you're honored and even more so if you're drunk because we all know you're more honest when you're drunk!

Y- Anytime. Weekends work for me. Except this one. We should wait until the weather is nice. Oh, wait. It's always nice here!! I forgot.

Miss Ann - Video will be on it's way shortly! I'd like one in plum, please!!

At 19:42, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

Awww.. I'm honored to be on your list. I wouldn't mind being drunk, too. Drunken honordom sounds fun.

At 00:44, Blogger Dylan said...

Thanks so much for the sweet words, Q. I can only hope I can live up to it.

At 01:41, Blogger Helen said...

Thank you muchly, my dear! I read but almost never comment here, most sorry! I think my comments? Yeah. They are not so interesting :)

At 07:55, Anonymous Charon said...

sonks beebs!!!


At 18:08, Blogger Cosmo GRRL! said...

I'm honoured but not drunk... Hmmm - baby is down for the night and hubby is playing poker - I guess I can steal one of his "Buds"?

Thanks for pimping my blog!

At 19:15, Anonymous mooalex said...

I'm feeling the love and tossin' it right back atcha! You're the best!

At 22:13, Blogger jenhen said...

I am so totally honored (not drunk though!!) to be on that list!! :O)

Thanks for the kind words! And Happy New Year!

At 08:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not drunk but I am humbled. You rock in a whirly kinda way and I'll bow at your altar anyday.

At 17:04, Blogger yep, it's me.... said...

nope, i am only real
but love reading your blog

At 07:44, Blogger BrightStar said...

thanks, sweetie! I think you're fabulous, too! I hope you DID drink at work, but then waited to sober up before driving home. :)

At 10:30, Blogger Megarita said...

YOu are killing me! Not smart enough to comment. Good gravy! I'm deeply flattered that you read me at all. You're a rock star, Q. Happiest 2006 to you!

At 11:34, Blogger Oliver said...

Good list! I would say that though! A very excellent 2006 to you and Mr. Q.

At 14:47, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Back atcha, babe. :) You rock.

At 01:41, Blogger Barbara said...

I am touched! Thanks. :)

What kind of person has a New Year's Eve wedding? Probably the same type of people that get married on Christmas Eve. I was invited to one of those weddings a few years back but ended up not going.
OK, really I am just jealous...

At 07:52, Blogger Philip said...

Well I'm in your linky love list, so that's good. Happy New Years! Broken any resolutions yet?

At 10:36, Blogger kate said...

ahh! i was on vacation and just saw that you posted this, thank you so much! and i totally agree with your assessment of rude cactus & so the fish said :)


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