December 28, 2005

La 'meme' du quatre choses

Since my mind is a barren wasteland devoid of meaningful thought or novel ideas, I am falling back on the trusty old stand-by: a meme! Plus, who the heck is reading blogs this week anyway? Besides me, I mean.

This meme has been spreading around the internets like bird flu or something and due to the fact that I can't resist a meme of any kind - good, bad, or otherwise - here you go.

Four jobs I've had:
roller-skating carhop
professional ass wiper executive assistant

Four movies I can watch over and over:
the Princess Bride
When Harry Met Sally
Annie Hall

Four places I've lived:
Fort Worth, Texas
San Diego, California
Honolulu, Hawaii
Everett, Washington

Four TV shows I love:
The Daily Show
The Soup
The O'Reilly Factor

Hahaha. Got you on that last one!

Four places I've been on vacation:
What is this "vacation" you speak of? I seem to recall, once upon a time, going to:
Taos, NM
Big Island, HI
San Juan Islands, WA
New York City, NY

Four websites I visit daily:
Asking me for only 4 websites is like asking me to name only 4 cups of coffee I drink everyday. That's nothing. How can I narrow this down? Here are some of the best.
Hey Freak!
Snappy Hour
Rude Cactus
Joy Unexpected

Four of my favorite foods:
Crab Bisque
Homemade Macaroni & Cheese
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
Cheese Pizza

Four places I'd rather be right now:
Home, with Mr. Q. Preferably naked.
New York

Four people I want to tag to do this meme:
and You.

If you know who you are, feel free to do it!



At 16:26, Blogger Aubrie said...

I read your blog daily... although since you didn't name me one of the best blogs you read, maybe I'll change my mind... :-)

At 16:35, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Gah!! I *heart* you, Aubrie. And your website, too! You know I do. *mmwah*

Everyone, go read Aubrie! She is nice, does amazing work, and has a cool name. Plus she's getting married. Wish her well!

At 07:16, Blogger Ty said...'s the book going???? Your brief allusion to it perked my interest!

By the way, when you finish, be prepared for everyone and their dog to ask if they can read it. "No? What do you mean no?? I am your best friend, aunt, mother, distant office aquaintance! I want to read it!" It's hard to explain that yes, you did write a book, and it's done, but no, it's not really done yet...Great to have so many people interested though...

At 11:19, Blogger Sammy said...

Oh *crushed ego*, really, I'm not vexed either at not being namrd *sniff, whimper*.

At 11:20, Blogger Sammy said...

That is 'named', ahem, not 'namrd'.

Excuse please.

At 13:34, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Just go ahead and get naked...I'm sure no one at work will mind. You scare me with the O'Reilly thing. I freaked a little.


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