December 19, 2005


Everything I thought I would do this weekend has been postponed. King Kong? Postponed. Massage? Postponed and rescheduled. We were staying at the Ritz housesitting at my boss's house (Mr. and Mrs. El Jefe), playing with their adorable doggies, and relaxing to the max. No time, energy or desire to mingle out in the real world.

And I still haven't heard Christmas Wrapping on the radio. Or the Chanukah song, either. What's up with that?!

Have a terrific Monday. Blogging may be light this week in light of the fact that, a) I've got sh*t to do, b) hardly anyone will be reading this anyway, c) I am working on a plan to impeach the president by the new year, and d) I have cramps!



A bientot!

Feliz Navidad!



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