December 12, 2005

Something Positive

I guess I sounded a little cranky in my last post. I told Mr. Q (who anonymously recommended that I jump off of a nice bridge in my last post) that I would say something positive. Unfortunately, today at the office has sucked the will to live right out of me, so I'll just have to give you this. *feebly smiles*.

Because, how can you be in a grouchy mood when there is a cute puppy in a Santa hat? Anyway, I hate cold water, so I won't be jumping off of any bridges.


Last weekend was interesting. I got all dolled up and dressed up my man, who looks tres distingue in a suit and we went to my company's Christmas party Holiday Event. I don't want to be negative but the experience rhymes with "Sit Ucked". I mean, my bosses were great and the food was ok but we got there a little late and had to stand up and eat as all of the sit down tables were full. I am not a graceful eater under the best circumstances, so imagine me trying to eat dinner while standing. Not one of my finer moments. I did not win any door prizes (especially not the iPod I wanted, dammit.) and it was so croweded in the ballroom, I nearly had a panic attack. No big deal. It was a party - free food, free booze and the chance to see all the executives sing a really clever song about profitability to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas - priceless. And I looked really cute! Not that anyone noticed. (Except you, Mr. Q).

Saturday was good. We took our 7-year old to see the Chronicles of Narnia. It was pretty good. Not amazing, but not bad. The stand out was Tilda Swinton as the White Witch. She was pure evil. And the girl who played Lucy was super adorable. On a separate and totally unrelated note, Tilda Swinton is signed up to play Nico in the biopic about Nico to be filmed soon. That should be totally fun! Andy Warhol, heroin, Velvet Underground, and death! Should be really uplifting!

Sunday was the best day of the whole weekend. No reason. Just me and Mr. Q. Beautiful weather. Et cetera.

Which brings me to Monday and the pure, unadulterated joy of sitting in my veal pen, staring at a computer screen, trying to suppress the urge to read every blog on my blogroll but failing miserably! My butt is asleep now. Can I go home, please?!



At 07:19, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Gosh! Now I feel like I've fallen into a hole! (Realizing that 3 posts have gone by and I haven't managed to read a single blog this week...doh!)

Your company party sounds nightmare-ish to me (well, the crowded ballroom and not winning any door prizes...I'm never lucky with those things). I'm sure you looked lovely though!

Oh, and about sitting in your veal pen: ROTFLMAO!! (while spewing juice out my nose and all over the keyboard) Thanks ALOT! :)


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