December 20, 2005

This makes 301

I just realized that I have published 300 posts this year. This calls for a celebration.

Tom Slick fans say "yay".

So, I started a little blog in January after months and months of lurking at other blogs and thinking, I can do that! Well, it turns out any idiot can do it, but some people just do it better than others. I still mostly read the little blogs, like mine and I have made some friends along the way. It's weird to say "friends" since I haven't met most of you in person, but you know what I mean.

In January, I was writing at A Cat Named Pi, the title being inspired by, well, my cat named Pi. Brilliant, I know. But people actually started reading it. And that surprised me. So I did that for a while. Around mid-summer when I realized that like, um, actually more than 10 people read this on a daily basis, I figured I would put some more thought into my title and template and, voila!, Whirled Peas was born.

In the meantime, I got my very first diploma ever, paid off 4 credit cards, saw my son graduate, join the Army and move to Germany, I dined and dashed for my wedding anniversary and watched as my lovely and very well-behaved teenaged daughter moved in with her dad who lives in another state, watched my grandfather die, and won the lottery. What? I didn't win the lottery? Bummer.

Let's see, I did about a million memes, quizzes, questionnaires and was interviewed. I even made up a quiz (which really has no wrong answers).

Also, my husband, the intrepid Mr. Q, started his own blog (Death Takes a Holiday), but then laid it to rest (may it RIP). He's starting up another blog which I will pimp out soon. As soon as he publishes more than 2 posts. (Hint, hint).

Now, the end of the year is approaching and I realize that I have accomplished exactly two things that I didn't expect to this year: 1) created an electronic journal of my life and it's rather interesting but mostly mundane events; and 2) met interesting, intelligent, funny, and really awesome people I wouldn't have otherwise met.

Therefore, even though this is sometimes a drag and I feel quite self-conscious about blogging, I think I will keep on blogging until I reach 500 posts. Or 501, since I like odd numbers best!

Sneak Preview of le blog du Mr. Q is here ==> Host of Seraphim. He goes by Charon (the "ch" is pronounced like a "k").



At 21:02, Blogger luckybuzz said...

You can't plan on stopping at 501--I'm just getting to know you!

(but congrats on the 300! And actually, wait, how do you get the number of posts?)

At 06:49, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Woo-hooooo! Congrat's on passing the 300 mark!! I think your writing is terrific, and the stories from your daily life are not at all mundane to me. Looking forward to reading more in the coming year. I'm sure by next month life will start getting back to normal, and maybe I'll even get a chance to write something again. heheh

Wishing you and Mr. Q (and family) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with good health and prosperity! :)

At 09:52, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Luckybuzz, on the dashboard it says how many posts you have written. I counted all of my cat named pi posts (235) plus all of my whirled peas posts (65).

MIO, thank you! I hope you and your family have an abundance of health, wealth, love, light and blessings, too!

At 10:18, Anonymous Charon said...

i'll get right on it...definitely want to be pimp-worthy...


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