December 21, 2005

Yuletide Blessings, yo!

There is a basket full of tiny oranges on someone's desktop counter here in the office with a sign that says, "Help yourself! Merry Christmas!"

I say, how nice. Oranges. It's so refreshing to see healthy food instead of chocolate or cookies. I'll take one later.

Walking by the counter for the third time today (and still haven't taken an orange), I spy an identical basket on the next counter over with an identical sign: "Help yourself! Merry Christmas!"

I decide to indulge in a healthy snack. Go me. I am really health conscious* and this is fun. Who needs sugary snacks when you can have Mother Nature's candy? I need the vitamins anyway and my immune system will thank me. So, I fold back the cloth covering the goodies and HOLY MOLY! JACK POT! I've found the MOTHER LODE! These aren't oranges. They are...RICE KRISPIE TREATS!!! Woot!

It's nice to see my priorities haven't been corrupted by the season. I will choose a rice krispie treat over oranges any day of the year. Wouldn't you?!


Have a blessed Yule y'all! It's solstice today so us heathens celebrate the return of the light. One of our yule traditions is writing one thing down on a piece of paper - something we want to let go of - and put it into a fire. I am going to write the same thing I always write - I want to let go of letting money (or lack thereof) get me down. Particularly this year, with so many people who've suffered real loss and real pain and have lost everything they valued, cherished or worked hard for, I have no right or business feeling crummy about not being able to buy lots of presents. I feel utterly ridiculous when I realize how truly prosperous I am and how so many people have been displaced from Hurricane Katrina and the people in Pakistan who have endured a devastating earthquake, not to mention all of the "little" tragedies that we don't hear much about.

If you want to write something in the comments that you'd like to surrender (a habit, or a fear, or whatever) I will do a ceremonial giving up of the comments to the goddess later. You can even leave your comment anonymously if you wish. Or not at all.

May your coming year be filled with an abundance of health, wealth, love, light & blessings!

And rice krispie treats.

*And by "health conscious" I mean I have a non-fat gingerbread latte instead of a regular gingerbread latte every night before dinner.



At 12:52, Blogger Barbara said...

I love that idea. I think I will try that. Can I write down more than one???
Yeah. Oranges. Nice touch. The sicko. Seriously though, I am going to have to do a major detox at Christmas. I have put on so much weight!

At 13:18, Blogger Ms. Q said...

You most certainly can write more than one thing! I usually write a few but there is always one that I have for sure. It's not working apparently! I still let money problems bother me.

At 09:49, Blogger MartiniMambo said...

Didn't read this until today so I'm probably past the burning ritual, but I want to give up being an angry sumbitch about everything. And I want to give up my debt (as in pay it off). And I want to give my fat ass to someone less fortunate like Hillary Duff or the Olsen Twins (although, there's enough to go around for the 3 of them). Seriously. If I could lose 70 pounds by October that would be fantastic.


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