January 23, 2006

Adventures in moving

Boring post alert! We moved (mostly) in record time (sort of) and this morning was my first weekday morning in our new beach pad. Even though my car battery died and I was stranded, it was the best morning ever to be stranded at home.

I cannot overstate how much I love our new place. I love that I was out of coffee this morning and instead of driving 5 minutes to the nearest Starbucks and paying $1.70 for a cup of regular coffee, I walked 3 minutes to the corner market and paid $.79 for a large cup of coffee. Which didn't suck at all. After walking across the street to the beach - oh, but it was a glorious morning! - and watching (cute) (young) guys surfing (are there no girl surfers?), I walked the 3 minutes back home and arrived in plenty of time to meet the tow truck driver who jump started my car.

My car got a new battery, new windshield wipers and a car wash. I made it to work only an hour (-ish) late. Even though a dead battery would normally give me major anxiety, I was so relaxed and chilled-out, you'd think something wonderful had just happened. In a way, it did. I find it impossible to be uptight when I can see, smell, and hear the ocean waves. And for right now, I feel so fortunate to be where I am.

Moving was fine. I only had a few very minor mishaps, including the dead car battery, a smashed finger (which is still numb 4 days later - do you think that is a bad sign?) and nearly passing out after trying to move a ginormous, heavy-ass loveseat up a flight of stairs. It's been a longish move and it's not completely done - we're still in two places right now - but we're nearly done unpacking and the new place is just sublime.

I'll post pictures one day. In the meantime, here is a stock photo from my neighborhood...

All I can say is Wow.



At 18:12, Anonymous mooalex said...

So glad you're all moved in! Photos are a must...please, please, please! It sounds like a lovely place to live!

At 19:01, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

I second that emotion...photos, please, of the Miracle Apt., once you're all settled! :)

At 19:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats and happy housewarming.

- Pie

At 10:18, Anonymous laura said...

Delurking to tell you how JEALOUS I am! And congratulations on your move.

At 07:37, Blogger Richard said...

Oh sure, make me jealous!

Now I'm going to have to run out and post pictures of snow and ice and polar bears on my blog.


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