January 4, 2006

Now, therefore, be it resolved

Is there a deadline for New Year's Resolutions? No one ever told me so I am going to sheepishly attempt to make some now.

WHEREAS, Ms. Q rarely, if ever, makes dinner for her husband or goes grocery shopping, or takes out the trash, or cleans the litter box, or feeds the cat at 4:30 in the morning; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q never balances her checkbook; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q drinks too much coffee and has a $5 per day habit at Starbucks (which, admittedly, could be SOOO much worse); and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q vegetates on the couch all evening after work; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q hits the snooze button far too many times and is usually late to work; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q still tries to put on mascara while driving; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q is often inconsiderate of her co-workers; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Q likes to think she knows it all.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that from this date of January 4, 2006 forward, and in perpetuity, Ms. Q shall strive to do all of the following consistently, sincerely and with the full dedication required of her in order to honor the good faith placed in her by her friends, family, and co-workers

Ms. Q will make dinner for her husband once in a while, go grocery shopping sometimes, take out the trash occassionally, clean the litter box and feed the cat at 4:30 a.m. from time to time; and

Ms. Q will balance her checkbook sporadically; and

Ms. Q will try to drink only 4 cups of coffee and spend only $20 per week at Starbucks; and

Ms. Q will actually lift a finger to change the television channel while she vegetates on the couch all evening after work; and

Ms. Q will try to wake up on time at least 4 days out of the week and be late to work only once a week at most; and

Ms. Q will only put on mascara at stop lights; and

Ms. Q will be more considerate of her co-workers, call them when she's running late, as well as, work more, blog less; and

Ms. Q will assume that she knows very little and actually listen to people (Mr. Q) and hear what they have to say and not act like such an asshat, show-offy, know-it-all.

EXECUTED this day, January 4, 2006 in the presence of Blogger and all those present therein.

\sig\ Ms. Q



At 15:42, Blogger jenhen said...

Do I detect a bit of sarcasm?

At 16:33, Anonymous Miss Ann Thrope said...

I don't make them there res-o-lusions.

Especially since no one informed me that the year changed.


At 19:16, Anonymous mooalex said...

I resolve to comment more on my favorite bloggers' blogs. **wink**

At 01:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I wanted to pop by to answer your question about the Breakfast at Tiffany's poster. I got it at Fred Meyer, but I gather they don't sell that type of thing too often. Hell, I don't even know if they have Fred Meyer in CA.

I did find it on AllPosters.com, though: Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Anyway, enough poster-rambling. Hope you & yours had a fantabulous holiday.

- Pie

At 07:07, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Blog less? Crazy talk.

At 09:13, Blogger Richard said...

Hmmm ... I don't know, I thought the "original" Ms. Q was kind of neat.

I wonder if this will turn into one of those "classic" vs "new" debates (like coke and other products that get tinkered with :-)

At 11:13, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I might need to borrow that last resolution. Welllll....I *should* borrow that last resolution. Probably won't, but it's a good one. :)


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