January 6, 2006

Over it

In a sugar-induced frenzy, I went gaga over a coffee drink yesterday. It's a good drink and all but you know what? I really, really like a good old plain cup of joe best of all. So, I am actually resolving to drink only coffee. Lattes will be reserved for special occassions like a date with a friend or while shopping. They are not to be consumed on a daily basis. So, there. I'm over it.

Here are some more "real" resolutions I have deemed worthy enough to write down:

This year, I am going to save money. I am actually going to put some each week in this nifty little thing called a "savings" account. I've had this so-called savings account for years, but the balance has remained consistently at $3.00. I am going to stop buying ridiculously expensive coffee drinks. I need some new shoes, anyway. If I don't buy lattes, I can afford a new pair of nice shoes after only 3 or 4 weeks.

I am going to stop smoking at home. I may even stop smoking altogether. But for sure, I don't want to smoke at home. Except for an occassional clove, maybe.

I am going to call my grandma more.

That's it for now. Any other ideas?



At 11:28, Blogger Jesse said...

Yes, Fancy coffee is inferior to regular coffee. I do take cream and a touch of sugar in mine, so I am no purist. But all those wild and wacky coffee things are like drinking a liquid desert. And I dont need desert first thing in the morning, I need something to kick me in the back of the head.

At 14:31, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Jesse, you are totally right. I guess I've always considered these a treat for a hard day of blogging, I mean, work! I'm off of them now. Clean and Crack-Free from this day forward! Until they make something really irresistable like a chocolate raspberry creme brulee latte. I'd be all over that like white on rice. Hopefully, Howard Schultz doesn't read my blog!

At 03:51, Blogger Girl in a Whirl said...

I have money resolutions too but I'm too ashamed of how I deal with money to writ any of them down. But I'm proud of my workout resolutions..... I think working out is a good resolution especially for those of us who are - ahem - of a certain age.....

At 20:46, Blogger Donna-Lee said...

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