January 31, 2006

Question of the Day

The barista at my Starbucks looks, speaks and acts JUST LIKE Steve Buscemi. Only he's younger - like maybe 25 years old. Every evening after work, I order my coffee from Steve Buscemi the barista who looks like Steve Buscemi and he's fantastic. I feel like I am actually talking to Steve Buscemi. Anyway, I love Steve Buscemi. I mean, I really love Steve Buscemi. Who doesn't love Steve Buscemi?

The thing is, do you think a guy would be flattered to be told that? I think it's way cool but, you know, it's obvious that Steve is no George Clooney (for LJ), or Brad Pitt (for Angelina who should really start a blog), or you know, Johnny Depp (for me at the present moment). (God, I hope Steve Buscemi doesn't read this!) (Steve, if you read this, I really really think you are the bees knees and I totally want to hang out with you. You are one of the few actors who never fail to add something amazing to a film and your talent is, well, you are just incredibly talented. I'm just not sure I'd want to, you know, have your love child.)

Do you see how awkward this is? Of course, I never have to say anything at all. I realize that is probably a very viable option, but you know how hard it is when you really want to say something and can't, don't or won't? I really want to acknowledge the barista's inherently cool Steve Busceminess but I don't want him to feel kind of bad and put boogers in my drink either. I am pretty sure, he'd be cool about it, but... what would you do?

Wait. I just realized something. This post has turned into a way different and longer post than I planned. I am assigning a sexual attraction requirement to a compliment. That seems really wrong. But we all (me included) place so much emphasis on physical attractiveness. I've got myself all twisted up about complimenting someone who happens to remind me a lot of an extremely cool, talented person. And I am afraid he'll be offended or bummed because that person happens to not be a sex symbol. How screwy is that? Gosh, I feel really rotten now. If someone said I reminded them of Madeliene Albright (insert other intelligent, non-sex symbol female here), I'd take that as a huge compliment. Because they'd probably be referring to something other than my physical appearance. And isn't that what we all want? To be appreciated for something other than the way we look? To be recognized for our attitude, our personality, our intelligence or humor? Unfortunately, all we have to go on sometimes is outward appearance. I like being told that I look like someone attractive. But I like it even better when someone seems oblivious to the way I look and compliments my intelligence, my sense of humor, or my personality. I guess what I am saying is phsical attractiveness should not be of more or less value than other less tangible qualities. And that should be a no-brainer. Apparently, I am shallower than I think I am.

Damn. I think I learned something today.

I knew this blog would come in handy one day.

Peas, y'all.

Post script: Steve Buscemi, the actor, not the barista, you have an open invitation to our house for drinks or coffee or whatever. At any time. I'd rather hang out with you than Brad Pitt any day. Sorry, Brad, you just don't do it for me.



At 12:10, Anonymous laura said...

Brad completely does not do anything for me. Steve, however, DOES. (Steve, call me)

At 12:31, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I never got the whole Brad Pitt thing. But I'd so love to hang out with Steve Buscemi.

At 13:02, Blogger Oliver said...

Steve Buscemi modelled sweaters on billboards in Switzerland a few years ago - after I got over that shock, I think he's the best!

At 13:36, Blogger Ty said...

errr...but you were comparing the barista to steve buscemi based on looks, and voice right? so is there any other reason to mention him?? cause, steve's talent that is so amazing is his acting...so unless the thing about Barista that is so cool, is his acting, then you are complementing him on his looks...although you could say, he looks like steve and every time you see him you think of how great an actor steve is, and it always makes you smile, or something...so it's not SO all about the looks!! lol...but you make a very good point...

At 13:50, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Wow. Great post. I think I learned something today too.

And Steve Buscemi is *totally* the bee's knees. GB and I always say that exact thing: "Who doesn't love Steve Buscemi?"

(Steve, feel free to come over for bumper pool.)

At 18:03, Anonymous mooalex said...

Steve Buscemi is sexy-cool in that Steven Tyler kind of way... butt-ugly but I bet they rock in bed! So I think I'd give it a try...

But then again, I'm no **insert hot female celebrity here** either, but I rock in bed! heh heh heh

At 20:01, Blogger jenhen said...

LOL @ mooalex. For some odd reason i would give it a go too..(not steven tyler though..he scares me lol)

Steve Buscemi is one of my all time favorite actors. I would take him over Pitt any day.

Great post! :O)

At 07:55, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

I love Steve Buscemi too. And in case you haven't seen Ghost World and/or Trees Lounge (love that movie!), he has some very tender, romantic scenes in both movies. I'd totally do him. ;)

At 12:33, Blogger circe said...

steve buscemi is 'sexy ugly'.

thank you to the movie 'kissing jessica stein' for giving me that usage.


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