January 4, 2006

A simple request

Dear Rental God/Goddess,

You have been very good to us. We've lived in a beautiful, charming beach house in Laguna Beach and a very classy and nice condo with a view of Catalina Island. We've paid our rent on time and even paid for our own repairs so as to not bug the landlord. Our cat is sweet and clean and his biggest sin is shedding sometimes. So, I humbly ask that you shine your vast rental finding powers upon us so that we may find a great home to live in for a few more years.

We really don't ask for much and, if you don't mind, I will outline our simple requests here. You know, just to make your job easier.

We do want:
2 bedrooms
1 or 2 baths
Cat allowed
Garage and off-street parking
Walk to beach and restaurants/shops
Clean and no major repairs needed
Nice, cool, quiet neighbors
An ocean view would be nice
Reasonable rent

We don't want:
Neighbors who hawk really loud loogeys all day and all night
Anything smaller
Anything that is falling apart
Anything more expensive

So, you see, we're really pretty easy. Thanks for taking this under consideration. We look forward to finding the perfect apartment or house, with your blessings.


Ms. Q
Mr. Q
Pi, the cat



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