January 24, 2006

Who's Eating Johnny Depp?

I am.

Duuuuuudes! This is the Best. Cereal. Ever. Imagine Cocoa Puffs (yum) and Lucky Charms (yum) combined. Yeah, it sounds awesomely bad. But, it's quite delicious. Also delicious? Johnny Depp.

Last night, while cruising the cereal aisle for our late night snack supply, I spied this box of cereal, which led me to fondle the box, which was followed by me looking over at my (very hot) husband while clutching the box to my bosom, and saying, with great big, puppy dog eyes, "Can we get this? Pleeeaaassse!"

Never in a gabillion years did I think I'd see or buy a box of cereal with Captain Jack Sparrow on the front. The name of the cereal is a bit awkward - Kellogg's Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's obviously a movie tie-in, but we are simple and just call it Johnny Depp Cereal. Additionally, I never dreamed that a grubby, smelly-looking pirate would be appealing on a box of food but... Johnny is probably the only guy in the universe that could pull that off. He doesn't even look that grubby or smelly in the picture.

Happiness is... watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart with your best friend while eating Johnny Depp. Cereal.

Yes, marketing is weird. Yes, I am a sucker for movie tie-ins. Yes, I am going to go buy 10 boxes tonight.

In related news, I ate Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli for dinner last night. Yes, I am 12 years old. I know you totally want my life now, don't you?! =P



At 11:49, Anonymous feithy said...

Yes, I do want your life. Especially since I know Chef Boyardee has red dye and that makes me REALLY hyper. Combine that with Johnny Depp Cereal and I'LL NEVER HAVE TO SLEEP AGAIN!



At 12:14, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I want that cereal! Must go to store. Now.

At 12:26, Blogger BrightStar said...

You are so cute!

At 16:05, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Nothing wrong with the 12 year old died. Sounds like great cereal but personally I'm a little uncomfortable eating Johnny Depp.

At 19:36, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Oh YUM!!! (and the cereal looks good too...)

Confession: I took papers to a meeting today in my Johnny Depp (Pirates, too) folder.

At 20:45, Anonymous mooalex said...

Let me know when you find Kellogg's Frosted Clooneys! I'll be all over that!

At 05:09, Blogger Craig said...

I love that you had to add the "very hot" when describing your husband. Wouldn't want him getting too jealous of a box of cereal.

I think I'd have to call it something other than Johnny Depp cereal, that just sounds too icky.

Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli? I'd say something, but a can of SpaghettiOs has been known to masquerade as dinner at my house, so who am I to judge.


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