February 3, 2006

Big Surprise

I think I need therapy. I was very depressed and had the lowest self-esteem imaginable until I was about 30. Over the next five years, I worked really hard to not put myself down and negate everything that was good in my life. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have been able to stop, so now what we have here is a big old narcissist. Can we say 'overcompensation'? It is probably all true. Except, I do have a lot of empathy for people. I really do. When I'm not too busy thinking about myself, that is.

Your Social Dysfunction:

You are very self-important, preoccupied with success fantasies, expect special treatment and lack interpersonal empathy.

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Please note that we aren't, nor do we claim to be, psychologists. This quiz is for fun and entertainment only. Try not to freak out about your results.



At 19:47, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I'm paranoid. Like I didn't know that already.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.

At 11:20, Blogger Oliver said...

My boss is a self-confessed narcissist - and you are nothing like my boss!

Most people's motiviation is a little inward, I don't know anyone that would say different - don't feel bad about it. That is, if you are. I suspect you're not!

I know I wouldn't hee hee.

At 07:21, Blogger Ty said...

I got "Happy"! lol...too funny...cause not that I am depressed or anything, but, if this is "happy," then I feel sorry for, well just about everyone else...

At 07:28, Anonymous laura said...

I'm narcissistic, too. But that doesn't really parse. I was going to say no wonder I like you so much, but do two narcissists really even notice each other?

At 09:11, Blogger Craig said...

I was...well let's just say that my little dot was in the absolute opposite corner of the matrix from yours.

At 10:03, Blogger Richard said...

Nobody grew up in a normal house with normal family, friends, neighbours, classmates, etc...

We all have issues. Some days, they seem bigger than others. We all would have liked to have had insert current thing missing from your childhood

BTW, I come up schizotypal.


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