February 15, 2006

It could be worse

I could have been shot in the face by my friend while quail hunting.

Life is weird right now. I can't really explain it but of course you know I'll try!

I think the following factors have converged and severely affected my normally chipper, upbeat and sunny disposition: My car engine blew up, I got my period and there was a full moon. All in the same week. Even the strongest woman would go "waaaah" at some point, right?

I've been waking up very cranky. I have never been a morning person, but I've been a lot happier the last few years. Maybe it's because of my crappy week, or maybe it's because I haven't fully adjusted to moving yet, or maybe it's time to adjust my meds but a typical morning this week goes something like this:

Wake up. Go back to sleep. Wake up. Curse, curse, curse. Veg on the couch with coffee. Flip channels on the tv. Become annoyed with the tv. Debate whether or not to shower. Try to figure out what the hell I'm going to wear today. Get angry because I don't have anything to wear. Get annoyed because Katie Couric has had a Botox overdose or something. Get irritated because I don't want to get ready for work. Drink another cup of coffee. Contemplate smoking a cigarette. Go potty. Get more annoyed because I want to watch tv instead of get ready for work. Go outside and smoke a cigarette. Get even more annoyed because I want to stay home and go to the beach. Remember that I have school tonight and I don't want to go and besides I don't have any money for coffee or dinner or parking. Get in the shower, stay too long. Curse the shower for being so damn awesome. Get out of the shower and throw some crappy, old outfit on. Dry my hair, put on my makeup. Look at the time. Curse some more because, once again I am late leaving home which will make me late to work which will throw my whole day off. Get stuck in traffic. Curse again because I left my lunch at home. Ad infinitum, ad nausea, et cetera, et cetera.

Bleh. It sucks to be me. I know I was supposed to be all happy because we moved and found a bitchin beach pad for cheap and all our problems would be solved. I know now that we've been behind the 8-ball for so long, it's going to take a few months to really get caught up and feel the difference. I also know that I need a day off (Monday - President's day, woohoo) and that I need to just take some time to adjust to our new living situation. These things take time and patience. Curses!

Hope your Wednesday is better than mine!



At 10:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh good lord!!!


At 10:46, Blogger Richard said...

And your life differs from the average person in what way? (aside from specific details?)

I think we all run around wishing our lives were easier, trying to get ahead, make sure we enjoy life and achieve something without being dirt poor or burning out or neglecting our kids, not to mention becoming very fulfilled persons in our own right.

Yeah, I guess you just had an unfortunate convergence of events - or maybe someone has substituted decaf for your regular cup of joe.

At 10:54, Anonymous mikey said...

Look at it this way... three shitty things happened in the same week, right? Well, you shouldn't see shitty things for a while then. It all balances out.

Dude, serious. A few months from now, things'll be fine, and you'll look back at this post and think "Eh, it wasn't so bad."

Or, at the very least, you'll think "Damn, at least I didn't get shot in the face."

At 11:41, Anonymous gc said...

Not to trivialize what you're feeling, but I think everyone has that one bad week. Good news is you're halfway done, right?

At 17:53, Blogger Beth said...

I know what you mean. If I could just hit the snooze one less time my mornings wouldn't be so stress-filled.

At 01:16, Blogger Oliver said...

We all have days, weeks, months like this Ms... I guess I have been, or am, going through one at the moment. You have all these great plans and aspirations and suddenly you realise they're taking longer than expected, or things all start going wrong and it's hard to stem the tide.

I'm not going to tell you what to do! I know that - for me - forgetting about my million ambitions and just enjoying my morning coffee has helped.

Fire over an email if you want to rant. :)

At 13:02, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Well I hope your week gets better! It must be the moon or something, I think all of us are having an off week. (Mine reached the height of awful-ness yesterday when I had to go for my...ahrm...well-woman exam. You know, you'd think after having kids you'd get used to those things, but you just never do, huh? Next week probably won't be any better, what with all the boob-smashing I have to look forward to. Aaaaahhh!!)


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