February 21, 2006

Just another day at the beach

I am barely functioning today. I know it's 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, but the long weekend of nothing has rendered me ... useless, speechless, and brainless. I did absolutely nothing all weekend.

Unless you count: seeing a pod of dolphins playing near the beach, drinking the BEST latte ever, playing PS2 with the world's best step-son, having dinner with said step-son's parents (that's right, me and Mr. Q, his ex-wife, her husband, little Q and me - we are all friends, how cool is that?), sleeping late Sunday, reading, watching beaucoup movies, knitting a hat, having the best shag ever, sleeping late Monday, reading some more, playing PS2 some more, drinking more coffee, walking on the beach, and going out for killer Mexican food.

Yeah. That's about it. How was your weekend? Posted by Picasa



At 18:40, Anonymous Johnomatopoeia said...

I'd like to say everything was fine and dandy. I'd like to.


Misty's got strep, Jackson's got a cold, and Addie's got a temperature over 101. I've been on duty 24 hours a day since Friday, and with two children waking up many times each night, I am FRIED!!!!!

I need a beer.

At 22:31, Blogger Cat said...

Lazy days can be good, Ms. Q! I had no idea dolphins in a 'group' were called a pod. Did I learn something new today? Is that accurate? I'll go google that now :))

I had a busy weekend so hoping my weekdays clear up some. My son's home sick but he's easy to care for (14) as long as he's got his fever down.

Hope everyone gets well on your front, johnomatopoeia!

At 04:55, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Okay, I know I've said thise before but, while I'm not a "California person" you make it that much more appealing. The only collection of things frolicking in their natural habitat yesterday was a couple homeless dudes arguing under an overpass. You've definitely got the better deal!

At 05:37, Blogger Craig said...

Well, at least you aren't trying to make anyone jealous or anything. :)

Wait, I don't see dolphins in that picture, but I am pretty sure I see proof of the Loch Ness Monster.

At 08:22, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. I might have to just start having vicarious weekends through you.

At 12:15, Anonymous mikey said...

Dude. I love just going out at looking at the ocean. If you happen to spot a pod of dolphins, well that's just icing on the cake.


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