February 10, 2006

Love like Laughter

We're not big fans of the Hallmarkification TM of Valentine's Day, but we are big fans of...

So, me and Mr. Q just gave ourselves a pair of tickets to her upcoming show (in March). And we discussed which one of us was most likely to run away with her. I say him, he says me. I'll keep you posted on that one!

Happy VD, Beebs!



At 13:40, Blogger jo-fo said...

You know, for a second there I thought you were wishing "Beebs" a Happy Venereal Disease. Silly me!

At 14:18, Blogger yellojkt said...

Beth Orton sounds really cool. Would she run off with you or is that just wishful thinking? My life was shattered when Ani DiFranco got married. I'm still hoping Melissa Etheridge comes to her senses and looks me up as I told her here.

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