February 14, 2006

Time wasters

My mind is a barren wasteland today. My brain is enormous, as you know, but sometimes it's also blank. Completely devoid of anything at all to say... rendering me utterly incapable of stringing together two coherent sentences... making me prone to overuse of the ellipses...

I couldn't let the day go by without giving you something to read, so here.
  • I found out that my candy heart says "First Kiss" (seen everywhere, but at Moo Alex first);
  • I started my own Johari Window (thanks to Luckybuzz) Go check it out and feed my delusions of grandeur rapidly diminishing sense of self-worth; I mean, tell me what you think of me.
  • I found out that the famous people I resemble most include
    1) Simone de Beauvoir (72%)
    2) John Cusack (71%) (really?)
    3) Isabella Rossellini (67%) ; I originally saw this weeks ago all over the place but today I found it again at Snidget's. It's kind of fun.

Don't say I never gave you anything!



At 14:56, Anonymous Johnomatopoeia said...

Sometimes my entire day seems like a long series of ellipses. That you even know the name of that symbol means that everything's gonna be all right.

At 10:07, Blogger Richard said...

Don't worry about your celebrity matches ... my top three were Katherine Hepburn (51%), Judy Garland (42%) and Demi Moore (41%) - and this with a bearded picture of me!

We love reading your ellipses.

At 10:25, Blogger Richard said...

So? Has Johari taught you much about yourself?

At 10:39, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Yeah, everyone thinks I am friendly! And cheerful. How nice! I would much rather be perceived as friendly and cheerful than bitchy and cynical (not that those are diametrically opposed...).


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