February 23, 2006

You ask, I answer

I am psychic. Did you know that? I am. I have been reading your minds and I know that you've been dying to know what's really going on with me. So, here, in Q&A form, I will answer those questions that have been keeping you awake at night.

A reader in Ohio wants to know: How is school going for you, Ms. Q?

A: Just fine! Thanks for asking. I have two classes this semester and they are both on Wednesday night. Sociolinguistics is so fun that it doesn't seem like "class" at all. I could talk about words and language and dialects until the end of time and it would never seem like work to me. Women in American Society is also a fun class - interesting discussions, fascinating and enlightening topics. Last night we watched But I'm a Cheerleader. I love that movie.

The only "problem" I have with school this semester is that I only go once a week. It's hard to keep any kind of momentum going. It's kind of like starting school again every 7 days.

Another "issue" I have is that we watch a lot of films in both classes. And by "a lot" I mean at least 1 to 2 hours of film watching each class, each meeting. I love watching movies, really. I'm a big old couch potato. But, I'm kind of going into debt for this education. I could much more easily stay home and watch these movies and save a FORTUNE. Netflix is only, what, $20 a month. My university is Thousands per month. Is it just me, or does it seem a little bit wrong to rely so heavily on film. (These are not FILM classes, they are lecture/discussion classes). Not that I mind spending an hour or two not taking notes. I don't! I guess I'm just questioning the value.

Someone in Texas wants to know: How is your car, Ms. Q? Wasn't it in the shop or something?

A: Still in the shop. I am expecting it to be ready any day now (it's been nearly 3 weeks, sheesh). The loaner they gave me is fine, but I miss my car.

On a related note, I love to respond to comments via e-mail. If you comment and don't leave an e-mail address, I can't reply to you. That's fine with me - I just hope you don't think I'm ignoring your comment or being a snob.

France wants to know: Why haven't you done a meme lately?

A. Good question! Probably because I've done them all already!

I do feel a meme coming on now that you mention it. I think I'm coming down with a meme. For my next post, I will do a meme! I love saying 'meme'. Did you know that the word 'meme' rhymes with 'dream'? I didn't know that for at least three months. I'd see that word and go "Is it like the French word "meme", pronounced "mehm" and meaning "same"? Is it "mimi" like my friend (also from France)? Grrr. It drove me crazy. Then I found it in Wikipedia or something. Thanks be to Jesus. Mystery solved.

Now if I could just solve the mystery of life, I'd be a truly happy woman.



At 11:48, Blogger Craig said...

Just the fact that you used the word sociolinguistics makes me feel not so smart. Realizing that you are taking classes in it...even less so.

On the flip side, these make me think of you as uber-smart (I don't know how to make the correct symbol so I'm just spelling uber even though I know it's wrong.)


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