March 31, 2006

Long Live Pi

In the spirit of not blogging about me, here is more cat. Have you ever seen a cat play dead? Pi was so wounded that I would put him up for adoption on my blog that he keeled over and pretended to die. If there were Academy Awards for Pets, he'd be a nominee, dontcha think? He gets a sympathy vote from me anyway.


That's enough cat for me. I loved the comments and emails I got in response to my ego-bruising cat post yesterday. I am actually going to implement a couple of suggestions. And I might get a kitten. The thing is, I'll have to bring one home so Mr. Q can't argue about it! I am tres diabolique, no? Posted by Picasa



At 11:26, Blogger Richard said...

Ah, well ... no sauce for the gander.

I am planning to sneak two hamsters into the house this weekend without telling the Mrs (that's the easy part - since she is in Brazil until Sunday). They are free from the local pet store for colouring in and submitting an Easter picture. Grand prize is a bunny kit. (The other choice was a goldfish, but the kids aren't interested - they want the hamsters ... actually, JJ somehow got it into his head that he is getting a free parrot).

At 14:08, Blogger Michel said...

You know, thinking about it, especially if your cat is vocal and lies on his back, he seems to have the traits of a Maine Coon Cat. That's not a bad thing. I mean, how could you resist a face like this?

At 17:27, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Wow, he does look dead, what with those glassy eyes and all! heheheh I'm totally with ya on bringing home the kitten and asking forgiveness later. In fact, I got both of mine that way (well, sort of...I got my mom to give them to me for's that for diabolical?) ;) If you do get a kitten, I highly recommend getting two. After having these two, it is so much fun watching them romp and play that from now on I'm sure I'll always get new kitties in pairs. And perhaps a new kitten would give Pi something else to focus on besides you! :)

At 10:46, Anonymous TC said...

Cats rock!

At 21:17, Anonymous mooalex said...

Do you know how hard it is for me to restrain myself from making a pussy joke? Very.

(I'm sick. Very.)


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