March 28, 2006

Mystery Solved

Yesterday, I had a minor freak out, and by 'minor' I really mean major freak out, because an anonymous commenter said nice things about me (I know, the horror, huh?!!) and said they knew me. I have some experience with stalkers in real life, so the fact that my name, the city where I lived and pictures of my self, family and home were plastered all over this blog made me a tad bit paranoid! Hopefully that is understandable. There are innocent people I need to protect after all!

Anyway, thank you to the01chef for coming out! I know who you are. You have eased my mind a bit. I thought it was a really sincere comment and I apreciated it, but since I didn't know who it was, it definitely scared the bejeebus out of me. There are obviously some personal things here I didn't exactly want to share with certain people (although now I know that they've read it all, too).

Which brings up a very interesting topic. I felt comfortable enough to share my very personal stories, but I don't talk about these things with close friends or family. I find this phenomenon fascinating. In a "public" forum, I feel so much braver. Most of you don't "know" me even though you know me here. It's a wonderful thing to share things with other people in a "safe" place. If you judge me, I don't get my feelings hurt the same way I would "in real life". And you have all been so supportive. Anyway, there is a certain comfort that goes along with being "anonymous". I was getting too comfortable. I even started posting pictures of my family, my home and told you all my first name. I thought the possibility of a real life friend or family member finding this blog was very remote. Apparently, all it takes is one person to spill the beans and the word gets out!!

So, I would love to talk to the01chef and catch up. You and K were very good friends to me. I've thought about you since I saw you last and I am happy to hear about your new addition, T. I am not exactly thrilled that R is reading my blog, but whatever! He was there, he knows what happened! Neither one of us was ready to get married and I wasn't a perfect wife, but I do believe in a little something called personal responsibility! But I think he's happy now. I'm happy now. I've never felt more strong or beautiful, like you said. I've never felt so blessed in my life with wonderful kids, family, friends, my husband--the fabulous Mr. Q-- and good health.

I'm back in hiding so to speak. But you all already know me, so nothing will really change. Just not so many pictures or extremely personal details!

Someday I'll get back to writing my very personal history. I'd really like to write a book one day. In the meantime, you can catch me here sharing the minutiae of my life and the silly Seinfeldian situations I seem to get into often!



At 09:48, Anonymous the01chef said...

won't bother you here, did not mean to infringe, or interupt anything. If you would like we could keep in touch and share pics, you've got to see the new one, hotmail account. This will be the last post from me, take care.

At 17:01, Blogger a.j.ashberry said...

Ms Q, I just wanted to say, in some freaky weird way and for reasons I can't seem to understand and therefore get past and maybe, just maybe it's a lame cop-out (is that hyphenated?) but I've concluded I can not write my story while the parents are still alive. Is that wrong? That's just to say, I hear what you're sayin'. I think. Gassho. Oh crap! My burrito is burning!

At 17:05, Anonymous Ms. Q said...

Chef, thanks, you don't have to stop reading (like I could stop you), I just wanted to know who you were. Now I know. It's cool!

AJ, I know what you mean. But they're going to be around for a really long time, so I figured I didn't want to wait. Anyway, you can always change the names to protect the guilty and the innocent, you know!

At 04:56, Blogger Serena said...

I'm glad you got things sorted out. We all definitely take a leap of faith (even if anonymous) in putting ourselves and our lives online for others to read. Making ourselves vulnerable like that definitely opens us up to a few scares every now and then.


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