April 3, 2006

Eddie Haskell *Hearts* My Blog

I know you're reading this. Let me know if it meets with your approval.


Love, Ms. Q

For the rest of you: If my posts are uber-lame for a day or two, it's just because I don't really like being watched. Now that my charming, darling, fantastic, ultra-clever ex-husband has been reading my blog (and telling all his friends about it), I've decided that only the most banal of posts will do. Sorry to punish anyone who might actually enjoy what I have to say. Until I think of something else to say, here's a preview of what my blog posts might look like in the future: The Dullest Blog in the World. It's a riot!

I will be putting back all of my old posts soon and I might just write about the time that my ex-husband ... ah, nevermind... it's really not that interesting.



At 16:19, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Wow--that blog is amazing. I think "looking at a wall" is my favorite post.

I'll keep reading your dull blog posts. I'm very easily entertained. :)

At 18:46, Anonymous mooalex said...

Even your dullness is cute and entertaining! Screw ex-husbands! Woohoo!

At 07:19, Blogger Richard said...

There is a simple solution: just start a newsletter!

I think blogger has a feature that allows you to make your blog an invited members only blog (of course I could be wrong).

At 09:23, Blogger Jesse said...

That dull blog reads very similiar to my myspace blog.

Only, more dull.

At 13:38, Anonymous mikey said...

Oh, shit! I hope your husband hasn't found out about that one weekend when we got a hotel and...

I keed! I keed!

(it was a motel.)

(I still keed!)


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