April 14, 2006

Lost Blogs, Vol III, IV and V

[Editor's note: Ms. Q will be back later today. This is the last post in the GBBMC and for those of you who don't know who "I" am, you should be able to figure it out now! Thanks for playing along... Now, go pre-order your copy of Paul Davidson's book if you haven't already!]

In regards to my absence here, I must say... I'm surprised anyone noticed. You won't be surprised to know what I've been up to in the last few years, though. Let's see. I divorced Mr. P, but kept his name. That was followed by a series of unfortunate and (most of the time) meaningless affairs with some wanks, aren't all men wanks?, a job with a magazine you've all read at least once in your life, and lots and lots of reading and writing. I am nothing if not a Constant Reader. Oh, I do adore New York, but I've abandoned the wretched city and I am presently in Hollywood with my current husband, A.C., (he's a young one, and he is as queer as a billy goat, I don't mind telling you). I really miss the old days at the Gonk.

We are currently writing a screenplay. The money, what there is of it, is great but still barely covers our gin habit bills and damn if I am not a big old sell-out. Hollywood is more vapid than I even imagined possible.

I will try to keep in touch and update you all in the future. That is, f I am not too busy drinking, being labeled a communist, getting blacklisted in this vile town, going before the McCarthy hearings, getting divorced, getting remarried (to AC) and writing more. I will move back to New York one day and I am sure to die there. Alone. In my room. Just me and my dog. When I do, I will bequeath all of my estate to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Until then... Cheers and Bottom's Up.
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At 12:32, Blogger Karl said...

Wow, I never would have gotten this without the links you included on this one. Very well done.

At 13:37, Blogger Oliver said...

So... who is it?

I jest, I jest!

At 16:13, Blogger Rabbit said...

I must have been asleep in history class. I don't know who that is.


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