April 24, 2006


I am not fully awake but I wanted to post my very first post from my very first brand new laptop. It's been over 6 years since I've gotten a new computer, so this past weekend, I finally bit the bullet and bought a small home office set up. Now, I can actually write blog posts, read blogs, write my essays for school, do research for school and pay the bills, at home on the couch or where ever I feel like it. That's pretty frickin' cool.

My most favortitest president in the whole world is here today. Right in my very own county and in the city where I work. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I can't explain why this is significant but I really want to go punch him in the face. Knowing that he is so close and probably tying up traffic makes me really really aggro.

Did y'all have a good weekend? I took Friday afternoon off so I had a little bit of an extended weekend. I didn't do anything (other than buy and set up the office). It was just nice.

Is it really Spring? 'Cause it is awfully chilly out here for Spring. I'm not complaining. Well, actually I am. I've got thyroid problems, you know. I am undermedicated so I am hypoactive. That means I am freezing all of the time. And tired. And my hair is falling out. Also, I'm just a little depressed. I am a JOY and DELIGHT to be around. Just ask my husband.

I have a 10 page paper to write in the next two days. I've written approximately 1. 5 paragraphs. And I haven't even finished one of the books that I am supposed to be writing about. Now I understand why y'all are always complaining 'bout lack of motivation/procrastination. It's a problem! It just looms over you. And then you try to read the rather stupid book that was assigned but you watch Big Love and a movie with Sayeed (from Lost) instead. And even right now, I could take a shower and get ready for work, or I could be finishing the rather stupid book but instead, I am writing this post. Which is rambling and incoherent. I have only had one cup of coffee, so now you know what a disaster that is.

I promise to post something more, oh, I don't know, interesting later.



At 11:46, Blogger Richard said...

Cool! I bought a new replacement computer this past Thursday (Friday was a day off because I get alternate Fridays off) to replace the aging beast I bought 5+ years ago and has taken a fancy the past few months to scrambling my hard drives (and causing me much anguish as I tried to piece / recover everything).

Over the years (especially as I have to write more and more tedious documentation), I've learned the secret to writing is (1) plan – planning usually involves as many talking points as I can think of (give yourself 5-10 minutes), you should be able to get 15-20 in. (2) eliminate the 3 weakest ones (5-10 minutes), (3) reorder the points in something resembling coherence (10-15 minutes). Then write like blazes. I usually find it is better to get something on paper and edit it afterwards, than to spend 2 hours getting that opening sentence just right.

Of course, it is so much easier to sit there pondering what to write than to actually write.

Of course, in my case, I then submit what I have written and wait for feedback (from managers who usually change their minds frequently) - so, I have learned not to worry about being perfect (or, as my project leader puts it "Better is the enemy of good enough.")

At 11:58, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Congrats on the laptop! But watch what you say about the pres. If he's the decider, he might just decide to unleash homeland security on your ass. And once he finds out your husband was a Deadhead, its all over. Say howdy, Gitmo! ;-)

At 11:50, Blogger MsSisyphus said...

Congrats on the new laptop. I covet a laptop. But sadly, and still stuck in the PC world.

Oooh? Was the movie Bride and Prejudice?

What's the paper on?


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