April 7, 2006

Selling Books the New Fashioned Way

Please stayed tuned for an exciting book-pimping-guest-blogger-thon starting Monday. Here's the mini-scoop.

Paul Davidson is an author and a dear, dear friend of mine. He writes daily at Words for My Enjoyment. We're tight. We're like this. *crosses fingers*. We go waaaaay back. [/exaggeration]. Anyway, he's got a book coming out called The Lost Blogs. (No, it's not a TV show tie-in, but I bet it might get some sales that way. Clever boy!) Here are some links which better describe the book.

Official Lost Blogs Website


So, how does this affect you? Next week (April 10 -14) a mystery person from the past will be guest blogging here. I won't tell you who it is, you'll have to guess. Or just read and enjoy. The mystery guest blogger will be here solely for the purpose of plugging Pauly's upcoming book (on bookstands May 10!). So, enjoy the ride. I will also be posting sporadically but I'll make sure you know which posts are mine and which are Mystery Guest.

All of this is the brain-child of Kevin Apgar who decided a Grass Roots Blogger Book Marketing Campaign would be fun, informative and helpful and possibly groundbreaking. And also a great way to suck up to Paul who will be giving a free copy of his book to 3 lucky participants of which there are about 40 and they are listed on the side bar here under Lost Blog Blogroll. Read my blog. Read some others. Buy the book. Everybody wins!

Any questions?



At 13:54, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Yes. I kind of have questions about this whole post. But I think it's probably me...

At 20:03, Blogger Mikey said...

Love the template.

At 15:03, Blogger Serena said...

Love it. Very sweet!


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