April 4, 2006

The thing about socks

Overheard as I walked down the hall today at work:

"The thing about socks is, I have a pair..."

said a vice president of the company to his secretary. That was so funny to me. And it cracked me up, too.

I'll never know how that sentence ended or even if it had an ending. The secretary had been out for a few months. For all I know, she was wondering if he ever kicked his sock habit. Or something.

So, how would you finish that sentence?



At 21:35, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I've been pondering this, and I can't think of an end to that sentence better than your sock-habit idea.

(and--ha! you crack me up. Was this one of the dull posts? Because it's ok by me.)

At 03:29, Anonymous TC said...

"The thing about socks is, I have a pair...and they go on your feet!

Whatever will they think of next? Things that cover your hands?"

At 05:03, Anonymous mooalex said...

"The thing about socks is, I have a pair... just one pair. I wash them every day so they don't stink. Look at them... aren't they the best socks you've ever seen? Hey, where are we going? What's that word? A-S-Y-L-U-M... what's that spell? I can't read, you know. I love my socks."

At 07:09, Blogger Serena said...

"The thing about socks is, I have a pair...that I only wear to important meetings. They're my lucky socks, and I don't want to ruin their mojo."

At 07:35, Blogger Jesse said...

"The thing about socks is, I have a pair, and I have another pair that I keep next to them, and both pairs are in a drawer with like, 60 other pairs. This, of course, means I only have to do laundry 6 times a year. Am I not the most rad person you ever met? Yeah, I am rad."

At 07:46, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Ohmygod, y'all! You are the funniest people ever! I read your comments and every one of them made me laugh out loud (LOL) so hard that I cried. I am crying! Tears are streaming down my face and into my coffee. =) Keep 'em coming. I have to get more coffee now.

I love you guys!

At 08:23, Blogger Richard said...

I think the sentence stands on its own.

"The thing about socks is ... I have a pair."

My complete this sentence entry is:

The thing about socks is, I have a pair of cats who prefer them to catnip.

(This is why I am a software developer and not a standup comic).

At 08:29, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

Don't worry, Richard. I'll out-lame you!

"The thing about socks is, I have a pair... Really! I do! They even match!"

At 12:30, Blogger Craig said...

"The thing about socks is, I have a I have a pair of black ones, a pair of blue ones, a pair of brown ones, a pair of white ones and all sorts of pairs of argyle patterned ones. I keep them in my dresser arranged by color and how often I wear them. I wear black the most often, so I keep them to the left. The brown I rarely wear, so they are all the way to the right. As I was telling you earlier, I went to rearrange my sock drawer the other day. You see, I recently started wearing the navy blue more than the white so I had to shift them one sock slot to the left. Clever isn't? Sock. Slot. I do amuse myself sometimes. Anyway, I went to rearrange the drawer and while I was doing it I thought to myself, 'You know, if I wear the black socks the most, I should probably have more than one pair. It would cut down on how often I need to do laundry.' Wait, are you even paying attention to me? Let me start over."

At least, that's how I pictured it going.

At 13:26, Blogger Katja Kitten said...

The thing about socks is I have a pair that tried to eat my feet once, so I don't own any anymore.

At 09:19, Anonymous laura said...

I don't have a end to that sentence, but I do have a story concerning a sock, a demented dog, and vomit.

At 11:40, Blogger DebbieDoesLife said...

The thing about socks is...I have a pair and they are so versatile! They can be for your feet and be well, socks, or they can go on your hands and become a puppet! On your ears they become ear muffs! On your penis they become a cock-warmer (remember leg warmers??), I could go on and on but would you want me to?

At 12:00, Blogger Beth said...

The things about socks is, I have a pair, and they don't really fit. So I use cotton gloves instead to accomodate my freakishly long toes and opposable big toes.

At 14:54, Anonymous Y said...

What Richard said. Totally.


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