April 6, 2006

Useful Things

Here's a quick product pimping post to edumacate you on what you should be buying. I love these things and so should you.

For the home:
Swiffer: Carpet Flick, Sweeper, and Dusters. Also, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I have managed to cut down to Swiffering one time per day, so that's good.

For the Bod:

Origins Make a Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment The best hand lotion. Ever. Well worth the somewhat hefty price tag. I have extremely dry skin (from OCD washing my hands 5 million times a day). I only have to put this on maybe twice a day and only a teensy bit. It isn't greasy at all. This has replaced my previous favorite hand lotion: C.O. Bigelow's Dr. Hiosous Quince Hand Lotion which is darn good lotion but not quite as good as the Origins.

That's all for now.


Another boring post brought to you my ex-husband who just can't seem to get enough of my Brilliant! Witty! and Totally Self Indulgent! blog.



At 17:36, Blogger a.j.ashberry said...

I prefer Cetophil for my dry hands. It's not a pretty name and it's not in a pretty bottle but it works well - I too wash my hands a million times a day - if only other people would so I wouldn't have to think about what's on that door knob.

At 19:39, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I *heart* your subversively dull blog.

At 12:52, Blogger Jesse said...

Swiffer makes quality product.

At 13:59, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

har har I am *heart*-ing your ex-hubby directed posts! keep up the good work (and thanks for the recommendations!) :)

At 11:41, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

We have one of those Swiffer things. I've never used it though. Yeah, I suck.

At 10:05, Blogger Richard said...

You realize of course, that we would still come here regardless of what you wrote (commenting on your Useful Things entry).

Because it is not what is said, but how it is said.

Another blog with attitude I surreptitiously visit because how it's written is here


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