May 24, 2006

Advice Not Taken

I'll be brief. Or brief-ish.

When your professor tells you in January not to put off writing your paper until the night before it's due, he might not be kidding. I'm just saying.

I am writing the final 500 or so words on a paper that is due at 4:00 p.m. today. I presented this paper last week (before I wrote it, how's that for clever?) but I haven't managed to finish it yet.

I have a final exam at 4:00. I wonder if I should have studied for it.

I have another 2500 word paper due by the end of day Friday for another class. I'd hoped to have it finised today so I didn't have to drive the 50 miles to campus again on Friday, but seeing how I haven't even started that paper (or even done much research), I guess I'll just have to get busy tonight* so I can get a passing grade in that class. It's a good thing I'm a genius or I'd never be able to pull this off. (Ha!)

*Of course, I do have priorities. Namely, the season finale of LOST! Tonight! Nine Pee Emm. Two hours of Losty goodness! OhmygodOmygodOmygod! What's going to happen? How will it end? What am I going to do until Season 3 premiers? Yikes!

Also, did anyone watch House last night? I hope you weren't eating like I was. Holy cow that was gross.

This was supposed to be brief! I know!

Wish me luck. My head may actually implode from all this excitement today.



At 15:18, Blogger Richard said...

Good luck.

I suffered from the same problem when I was in school. I blame it on a high school with no academic standards (we used to do our homework as we shuffled between classes and at recess) - it was a about as unchallenging and unstimulating as you could get without making us watch paint dry.

College and University did come as a bit of a shock. But I survived. Of course my habits still remain - nothing gets started until I can smell the deadline.

When my boss asks me if I can have something ready by the end of the day, I still ask: "Is that end of the day today or is that end of the day before you get in tomorrow morning?"

I think you need to drink more coffee to help steady your nerves and calm your mind ;-)

At 06:12, Blogger Craig said...

The House finale: Good, gross(but tolerably so), but frustrating at the end. I think I'd rather not have a full episode that was all a dream, but then again, maybe they can give us something important that will change my perception of it when next season starts.

Lost: Soooooo good and soooo frustrating to have to wait until next year. Sometimes, I wish it were just a really, really long movie that I could watch and see the whole thing now.

At 07:14, Blogger Beth said...

I always waited until the last minute to do papers for school but luckily I managed to do okay. Some people just work better under pressure.

Lost finale - OMG!!! I think I watched the last half hour with my jaw on the floor in amazement. Questions answered, new questions asked. Those writers are geniuses.

At 14:16, Blogger Serena said...

I'm glad you managed to survive! Hopefully each semester will get easier (snort...sorry).

At 20:14, Blogger belledame222 said...

ohmigod, I'm getting back-to-school nightmare flashes triggers just from reading that. gah.


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