May 12, 2006

Joe Millionaire buys a beverage

I am notoriously bad at recognizing famous people. I have had lengthy conversations with famous people and not even known it until after the fact. I don't know why, but I'm just not good at it. I did recognize Lindsay Wagner when I was talking to her at Disneyland a long time ago, but it was mostly obvious because hundreds of people were gawking and asking for her photograph. It was sort of a giveaway. If not for the damn tourists, I would have thought "that nice lady sure does look a lot like Jamie Sommers (the Bionic Woman) but it couldn't be her".

A few weeks ago, the mayor of our city sat at the table next to us. My husband said "hey that's [the mayor]" and I said "No, I don't think so". And that was someone I actually knew. D'oh. If I ever see you and act dumb it's not that I'm a snob, it's just that my facial recognition skills are poor.

Anyway. That's a long way to say I suck at recognizing people I only know from pictures or the screen.

However, just a few minutes ago, I saw someone sort of famous at the corner market. Remember Evan Marriott, aka Joe Millionaire? Imagine the scene: I have just woken up from a nap, thrown my hair into pigtails, and walked to the market. I am standing in front of the beverage case, my arms are full of toilet paper, cat food and a soda. I probably had a booger on my nose. My husband rings me (on my NEW Motorola Pink Razr phone!) and I answer. As we talk, in walks a tall, very good looking guy with a loud voice, big smile and dimples. My jaw actually dropped ('cause it was instant recognition, not because he's all that). He stopped smiling when he saw me gawking. I moved a smidgen and he opened the refrigerator case (I think he got a Rock Star or some energy drink, I didn't really notice since his biceps were in the way). We were 2 inches apart. I think I said something to my husband about Joe Millionaire is standing next to me at the store. Wasn't that smooth? Yeah. I impressed him I am sure. (Not that I need to. I am normally so cool and aloof, but today not so much.)

I have to say, 1) he is way better looking in person. 2) I need to look better when I go to the market because you never know who you're going to meet. 3) I think I am better off not recognizing people (I think I scared him). 4) I forgot to buy coffee! 5) Evan drives an uncessarily large pickup truck. He is single-handedly driving up the price of gas and he deserves my complete and utter disdain. Which he would have if not for those damn dimples.



At 19:42, Blogger Beth said...

I'm one of those embarassing people that when I see someone famous I yell it so everyone can hear (of course there aren't a whole lot of famous people here in StL). And it's usually prefaced by "OH MY GAWD, IT'S..."

You'll have to let me know how you like your pink Razr - I think I'm getting one myself next week and I'm VERY excited.

At 21:46, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I have really awful face recognition skills too. I have a terrible time recognizing people out of context--so I'll see professors, or students, in a store or a coffee shop and not recognize them. It's embarrassing, and people think I'm aloof, or just rude. But I'm actually just a little slow. :)

At 13:19, Blogger Richard said...

At least you recognize complete strangers. I can't even recognize people I know - unless I am expecting to see them.


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