May 1, 2006

Monday can suck it

The title of this post should speak for itself.

I have a few comments and a question. Some jeers and a cheer, if you will.

Question first: has anyone noticed Bloglines sucking today? It shows me that people have updated but when I click, there's no post. It wasn't updating last week for a few days, so maybe they have decided to linger a while in suckland. Bloglines can suck it.

Comment: Traffic was not lighter than normal today. A few people asked me about it and I am shocked, shocked I say! Do they not notice that immigrants are the ONLY people utilizing our public transportation around here? Why would traffic be lighter? They don't drive as many cars as we do. I have taken the bus and the train occassionally and it is not a user-friendly system (Orange County Transportation Authority can suck it, too). The majority of people I see taking the bus are the people who are willing to do a lot of the jobs I am not. And you know that when I see my neighbor (who works 3 jobs) busing the tables at the restaurant where I eat lunch, I feel humbled because he doesn't feel "entitled" to a high paying job, like I do. He is just willing to work wherever he can so he can enjoy some of the freedoms we take for granted. He is not mooching off the system. He pays taxes. He does not vote however. If you want to get into a debate about immigration, feel free to engage me, but don't tell me what you read in the paper. Tell me what you know personally. If your quality of life has been degraded because of immigration, tell me how. If your quality of life has been enhanced because of immigration, tell me how, too. And if you are one of my parental units, first I hope you're not reading this! Second, STFU! You do not know what you're talking about. Right-wing whackos can suck it.

Comment: Mondays are usually one of the more brutal days of the week (followed closely only by Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). Today? Even more brutal because my tummy doesn't feel good. I have nausea. I am nauseous. Or is it nauseated? Whatever. I want to barf. I wish it was morning sickness but it's not. Just something I ate probably. Which is why Monday can suck it. I could have stayed home today but they are renovating the apartment upstairs and the sounds they are making could wake the dead. So, I'm sitting at my desk like a zombie and wondering how I could have been sprung from the loins of such insensitive people as ma mere et mon pere (in French in case they read this! hehehe. They'll never know what I said! I'm so clever!)

Comment: For the non-suck portion of this post... May I present my new hero... Stephen Colbert.

A bientot!



At 15:43, Blogger Jesse said...

Stephen colbert is rad

At 17:35, Blogger Craig said...

Honestly, I just want to say how amused I am with the number of times you said "suck it" in this post. (4...or 5, if you count the title)

At 09:10, Blogger Serena said...

I hear you on the Mondays!

At 09:27, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Mondays suck, Colbert does not. I watched that yesterday. All I can say is the man's got balls. Big ones. Brilliant.

At 09:51, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Hope you're feeling better!


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