May 22, 2006


Post Disneyland Report by Ms. Q

Saturday we went to Disneyland (as promised in my Friday post). The Happiest Place on Earth has transformed into the Assholiest Place on Earth! Hahaha!

Not really. Well, mostly not really.

In the first place, it's the end of May, the end of the school year, and apparently it was 8th Grade Graduation Day at Disneyland on Saturday. I didn't get that memo. Also, it was absolutely beautiful, weather-wise. Did I mention it was Saturday? We usually go on Sundays but we thought it would be okay this time and BOY! Were we wrong?!

I'm exaggerating a little bit, of course. The place is magical but I have to admit it was a little less magical for me this time. It was way crowded and there were about 40 million of the aforementioned 8th grade graduates running amok at the park. I didn't realize that 14 year-olds are the most obnoxious beings to ever walk the planet. Oy!

Another problem for me, is that many people don't have the same space requirements as I do so I would get people and kids leaning on me in line and I would have a little freak out whenever someone's hair brushed against my arm. Ick-o-rama. I also get a little annoyed when people don't follow directions (i.e. fall asleep in line) and basically have no awareness of what is happening. Yes, I am a control freak.

Despite the crowds and my OCD/germ phobia, We actually made a wonderful day out of it. We rode most of the rides we wanted to ride (except Pirates of the Carribbean is being renovated so it was closed - bummer!) and we had a lot of fun and laughs. When we weren't cursing the crowds, that is! Don't they know that I am the only one entitled to enjoy the park?!! We even spent some time at California Adventure (much more relaxing!) and rode some rides that I hadn't ridden before. Plus, we saw the Electric Light Parade! I love that parade. It's totally 70s and totally stoney! The imagineers used to be on hallucinogens, I am sure! It rocks!

I'll have to post my pictures tomorrow, because I left my memory card at home.

Anyway, apologies to Disney. All y'all should really go if you ever get the chance. It is still the best theme park in the world. I am apparently the Assholiest Person in the Greater Anaheim Area and I have PMS to boot! It was still a great day. I should have known it would be crowded and that I'd have to wait in lines (duh) but I think I've been spoiled. Next time, we'll go on a Wednesday during a rainstorm and, then I am sure, the magic will return!



At 18:23, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Oh yes, my "bubble" of personal space must be way bigger than most people because it drives me craaaazy to have folks breathing down the back of my neck, or even worse, touching me. Especially strangers. Ick.

I'm glad you had a (reasonably) good time though. :)

At 19:17, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I really hate people breathing on or too near me. Or touching me. Or thinking about breathing on or near or touching me.

At 04:12, Blogger Craig said...

The crowds at places like that always make me less excited to go.

I'm sure you're disappointed not to get to ride the Pirates of the Carribean, but you do realize it didn't mean that you got to ride Johnny Depp, right?

At 07:14, Blogger Ty said...

Oh I am the same way in crowded amusement parks! I want to organize people!! It's like ok folks, you see that 10 feet in front of you in line? FILL IT IN PEOPLE! FILL IT IN! And 8th graders...oofff...The only thing worse in an amusement park are the 16 year olds groping each other in line, and the 3 year olds having tantrums...

At 20:16, Blogger belledame222 said...

I think Disneyland has pretty much always been one of the Most Assholey Places On Earth, point o' fact. totalitarian cheeriness presided over by a giant rodent. i think not.


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