May 2, 2006

Whirled Peas Person of the YearTM

Yesterday, at the end of a rant, I said that Stephen Colbert was my new hero. He is. If you have been trapped under a rock or otherwise absent from the internets, you might have missed Stephen's brilliant, satirical speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this past weekend in Washington, DC. Lord knows I haven't seen much about it on the "regular" news. Go check it out, if you haven't seen it. The transcript is here. The video is here.

While you're at it, go say thank you to him at ThankYouStephenColbert.

Now for the formal announcement. Stephen is the winner of the first annual Whirled Peas Person of the Year TM award (celebrity category) for having the muy gigante cajones to say what I would like to say right to King George's face, as well as the so-called mainstream "journalists" knowing that all they could do was sit there and squirm. Will it make a difference? Doubtful. Did it feel good? Hell yeah. You go, Stephen. Beware the black van outside your house. Just know that I love you more than you'll ever know for what you did!



At 12:33, Blogger Oliver said...

Damn it, I thought for sure I was in with a chance THIS YEAR!

At 12:45, Blogger Oliver said...

This is hilarious... cringe-worthy but hilarious...

I agree!

At 12:46, Blogger Beth said...

I couldn't agree more - excellent choice. There were points during his speech where all I could do was say, "DAAAMMMN!" Good stuff all around.

At 17:07, Blogger TLC said...

Hello from another person behind the Orange Curtain! Nice to see there are at least 2 non-Repubs here. Sometimes, it is hard to believe it, isn't it?

(I blogged Stephen, too...hopefully it will spread)


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