May 9, 2006


Since my post yesterday, I am compulsively writing everything backwards. I need therapy. Stat.

Question for all you OCDers, out there: do you just get something stuck in your head and it repeats over and over and over? I don't mean voices that say horrible things, I mean just a song lyric or a number pattern or a phrase. I'm starting to feel a little Howard Hughesy. Today, I am writing things backwards on post-it notes before I write them frontwards. It seemed to be getting better but today it's back. I am a little stressed out about some things. Maybe that's all it is. That's all it is, right? Stress. Anyone? Anyone?

Speaking of stress, my son is going to Mess O' Potamia very, very soon. I don't want to say when or where at this moment, but it's after Memorial Day and before Independence Day. I think I am about to commence the biggest freak out of my life. I may blog through it, I may not. I am definitely going to start seeing someone (i.e. therapist) to talk about it and maybe they can shed some light on my OCD tendencies.

Whatever. I've got a butt-load of things to do tonight, including create a presentation for class tomorrow. Eeeek!

Oh no, I said "eeeek". Oh no, I said "eeeek". Oh no, I said "eeeek". Oh no, I said "eeeek". Oh no, I said "eeeek".

Holy Crap. Say something fun and help me. Or go see the Llama Song. And then see the Sawyer Song. High-larious! (Thanks to CK for that tip!)



At 18:45, Anonymous Aubrie said...

I often feel the need to count steps I take or stairs when I am feeling stressed. Or, if I have a song in my head, when I do count I have to count to the beat of that song. Or, if I'm not counting but have a song in my head, I have to sing it in slower/faster tempos to match up with whatever I'm doing.
See? It's not just you!

At 19:14, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Yep, stress brings on all the repetitive OCD stuff for me too. My repeating and obsessive thinking got a *lot* better when I started Celexa a few years that the bad obsesso stuff is mostly gone (eg, constant thoughts of GB or the cats dying), but the phrases/lyrics/etc remain....

It'll be okay. Writing backwards is at least kind of a cool OCD manifestation. :)

At 01:45, Blogger Oliver said...

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...sdrawkcab gnidaer eb ot gninrom eht ni ylrae oot si tI

At 06:36, Blogger Jesse said...

I get songs "stuck" in my head in a loop something fierce.

I do have a coping mechanism, in that I have had "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on reserver "Stuck" for years and can usaully alternate to avoid getting to annoyed.

There is also a christmas song that manifests frequently, but for some reason I dont remember which one... ODD.

p.s. Somewhere over the rainbow ALWAYS comes out when vacuming, in the form of a loud warbly whistle.

At 07:28, Blogger Craig said...

Stuff stuck in my head? Constantly. Songs, phrases, snippets from a cartoon I saw once 20 or more years ago.

I don't write things backwards. I do however repeat things that I or other people have said (either aloud or just in my head) and change the invert the order of the words. I don't know why. I just do.

At 10:41, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Yup, I get the repeating song lyrics thing stuck in my head when I am stressed, particularly bad if I wake up during the night. I now take a daily low-dose of Adderall which has helped immensely. It slows down all the "chatter" in my head to something more like a single voice. And, when it comes to working, I feel like I'm drinking out of a garden hose instead of a fire hydrant. :)

At 12:23, Blogger Miss Ann Thrope said...

OMG! I watched Metal Mania or some such crap on VH1 the other day.

I cannot get Dio's Rainbow In The Dark lyrics out of my bed, I'm hearing that song...drove me bonkers!

At least it wasn't Rockafeller Skank.

At 06:12, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

For those who already are slightly predisposed to be a little OCD, stress definitely increases it. And I can't blame you for a big freak out. You know how I feel.

At 10:37, Blogger Richard said...

Hmmm no OCD tendencies here (unless you count constant complaining how much I hate working and would rather be doing anything else in life as long as it is playing).

When I am stressed I become the opposite of most people – I slow down and become calmer. Aside from driving people crazy , I think it occurs because I need to slow down to better pick out what is happening around me and minimize errors. I think it is also because when I am stressed I just want to withdraw to a quiet place.

I’m sure you will be fine, just remember to breathe.

Warm positive tranquil energy entering with each inhale. Negative energy leaving with each exhale.

At 15:07, Blogger Serena said...

I definitely find I do things in patterns or feel the need to repeat things in some kind of pattern. It's something I can not do though, and I think that's what separates it from OCD. If you don't do something will you not be able to continue on?

At 16:32, Anonymous Jacynth said...

There is a method to everyone's madness, i tell ya. I HAVE to blow my nose after I shower or I don't feel complete. How does that make any sense?


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