June 16, 2006

Blog by Number

In honor of passing my 10,000th visitor mark this week, and because my mind is a barren wasteland completely devoid of any original ideas, I give you my day by the numbers:

Number of minutes overslept: 60
Number of showers taken today: 0
Number of cups of coffee consumed: 5.5
Number of cigarettes smoked: 4
Number of times I've yawned: 1000 + infinity
Number of holes in my sweater: 2
Number of projects I need to complete today: at least 8
Number of projects completed by 2:00 p.m.: 0
Number of websites visited: about 800 give or take 500
Number of times I've said "huh?": 4
Number of ham sandwiches consumed: .5
Number of times I've obsessed over something out of my control: lost count
Number of days until my daughter comes to visit: 13 (woohoo!)
Number of times I've contemplated going home today: 6
Number of crank calls I've contemplated making today: 1
Number of times I've wondered what to write about here: 6
Number of ideas I had that were completely dumb: 6
Number of times I've checked my email and there weren't any: 100

Procrastinators of the World, unite and take over! Y'all have a swell weekend, now, y'hear?!




At 14:14, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Sounds suspiciously like many of my "workdays"...well, without the imminent daughter visit. :)

At 14:18, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Luckybuzz, hehe. I am pretty sure I stole this blog post format from you! It's a great fall back. Just to keep people reading. Filler, but fun filler, right?

At 15:32, Blogger Jesse said...

I worked for a whole hour today. That's a record for this week I think.

Oh and 5.5 cups of coffee seems like a lot to me. I think I need to change that and drink more coffee.

At 04:40, Blogger Craig said...

Number of days since I've been to work: 5+

Number of people I had to grill for at our house last Friday: 10

Number of people we could have fed with the amount of food we had: 20-30.

This looked like so much fun, I had to try a few.

At 15:46, Blogger Oliver said...

Number of comments left today: one.

Hope you're taking it easy!


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