June 21, 2006

I Believe - The Basics

I have been inspired by recent events to put down in writing some of my basic beliefs. I can certainly talk the talk, but only occassionally am I asked to walk the walk. I am very proud that these tenets not only reside in my brain but I am able to act on them when necessary. It's not brave or deserving of congratulations, but it does take a lot of moxie sometimes to go out in the world and test ourselves on our core beliefs. This is not a holier-than-thou diatribe nor is it a list of platitudes. So, for whatever it's worth, here is the list which is subject to additions, deletions and modifications in perpetuity.

I believe

...there is no such thing as too much coffee.
...martinis of all kinds are good.
...beer is best enjoyed with good friends and a little salt.
...music can be a life saver.
...what really matters in life cannot be bought or sold.

...that being a nerd is cool.
...that being sensitive is cool.
...that cynicism should be used sparingly.
...that 'beautiful' is a state of mind.

...most people are inherently good.
...the bad ones include, but are not limited to: liars, cheaters, and selfish manipulators.
...people who lie to me, or about me, will never, ever earn or deserve my friendship, respect, or generosity.
...that taking personal responsibility for our choices is one of the most important things we can do.
...that the choices we make are a reflection of our character.

...in being generous of mind, heart, and spirit.
...in being true to my feelings and my values at all times.
...in speaking my mind and being honest in all situations.
...in treating people with dignity and respect (until they demonstrate that they don't have any for themselves).
...in empowering people to make good choices for their lives and not being a crutch for them.
...there is no such thing as too little time or too little energy to help others who can't help themselves. The rest need to take some personal responsibility.


I wonder, are your "basics" much different than mine?



At 12:40, Blogger Beth said...

The only thing I take issue with is the statement about martinis. I can't stand the taste of gin. But other than that, yeah, we're on the same page!

At 13:22, Blogger Craig said...

I can agree with all of it but the first 3.

Now, whether I manage to act them out or not can be called into question on a few.

At 21:01, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Oh, A-freaking-men, sister. I am so, so with you.

But I think that's probably not surprising. When are you guys coming to hang out with us for real? :)

At 06:04, Blogger Richard said...

I have for along time considered doing a "what I believe" type blog, but you beat me to it (thought I probably will still do it sometime in the future).

But a short summary would be:

"I believe people are fundamentally wonderful and good, noble and inspiring and that it is our obligation and duty to encourage everyone to be the best that they can."

My favourite philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, has a nice maxim for living, "Waste no more time arguing what a good person should be. Be one."

(of course, all this blatantly disregards the growing cynicism and disillusionment in me as I grow older. When I was younger, cynicism, sarcasm and irony was a fun thing because they appealed to my sense of the absurd. Now, all too often, they reflect the gritty reality - so they have ceased to be fun).

At 09:27, Blogger Serena said...

Good list!

At 13:49, Anonymous Betti said...

I think I'd only have to arm-wrestle you (and probably lose) over one or two bits. I've put up with being lied to, because sometimes, people are just wieners.
I like to think that sometimes people REALLY don't intend to act like wieners, they just stumble into it. Then you get to call them out on it make fun of them for it, and hopefully they apologize, and all is well. That said, I have given up on backstabby liars before, because time spent with them was not good use of my time.

At 15:40, Anonymous Danielle said...

YEAH! Especially the ones about the coffee and the personal responsibility!

I will add that I believe my cats are out to make me bankrupt, since they seem to want only the treats that cost eleven dollars a jar.

Seriously, this is a great list. Is this something ongoing, or were you able to write this in one sitting?

At 16:12, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Beth, Vodka martinis are my fave.

Craig, what is wrong with you? You don't drink coffee?

Luckybuzz, soon I hope!

Richard, that's a nice maxim. I will try to remember that.

Flameon, right on! Thanks!

Betti, I agree, some people are weiners. I guess I can tolerate some omissions of truth but I can't tolerate straight out lies to my face when they know I know they're lying.

Danielle, you buy your cats treats that cost $11? Wow, I don't love my cats that much! This was a one-sitting post. The ones I like best don't usually require much thought.


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