June 20, 2006

I'm on hold right now

Literally. I am on hold with my cable/phone company. But I am not being subjected to Muzak, Barry Manilow (Love ya, Barry!) or repetitive announcements about how important my call is and how my call will be answered in the order received. This is freaking brilliant!

I love new customer service innovations. (And I love writing about something other than my pathetic "non" problems that are getting me down right now but are very, very old and tiresome! So, yay for that!)

We just moved downstairs (you may or may not be aware!) and we had to have our phone service transferred. In order to do that, apparently, they have to send out a technician to hook it up and of course, you have to be there. In person. I still don't get that. Anyhoots, I made the appointment for Mr. Q's day off (today) but he got called in so now there is no one home and I need to cancel the appointment (between 8 to 10 a.m. or whenever they happen to show up as is usually the case).

Long story longer: I just called the cable/phone company and traversed the maze of options (to slit your wrists now, press 1. Para uno cyanide capsule, oprima estrella). Anyway, I finally reached what I think is my correct destination but, lo and behold, all of their customer service representatives are busy (with other customers, no doubt)!! What a shocker!

Here's where my sacrastic bitching comes to a grinding halt - the friendly announcer girl said, "when a customer service rep is available we can call you back. Enter your phone number, say your name and your call will be returned in 7 - 10 minutes".

And you know what? It worked. (I am on the phone with them now! They called me back!) It's like being on hold for 10 minutes but without the neck cramp. Or bad music. Hooray for technology. Now if they could just figure out how to connect the phone line without us having to take the day off of work!

[Update: they have Saturday appointments. Who knew?] Wow, if all my issues were this easy to solve.



At 10:14, Blogger Richard said...

I never bother to navigate the menu options because it is too frustrating. I always try to get in touch with a service rep.

So, whenever I call my credit card company - I always select the option to report a lost or stolen card, since that gets someone on the phone pretty quickly. I then mumble that I couldn't find my way through the maze of options and if they could tell me what my current balance is (or whatever).

At 12:27, Anonymous Danielle said...

Oh, now that is cool!

Whenever I call an automated line, here's what I do...

As soon as the autoteller picks up, I start pressing the 0 key many times in rapid succession. Without fail, that will transfer you to a rep immediately and you don't have to wait for the options to play out. Ta da!!!

At 19:22, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Wow, that is freaking brilliant. You west coasters and your technologies...

At 11:31, Anonymous Betti said...

Lack of muzak is a good thing! Which reminds me: I recently heard a Pat Boone heavy metal album. "Crazy Train" was so funny I nearly wet myself.


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